First Flight Stage 1 – Aston Martin Valkyrie 0 Upgrades Real Racing 3

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Intro 0:00
Stage 1 Goal 1 Upgrades 0000000 1:00
Stage 1 Goal 2 Upgrades 0000000 3:14
Stage 1 Goal 3 Upgrades 0000000 5:04
Stage 1 Goal 4 Upgrades 0000000 6:51

Car to win: Aston Martin Valkyrie

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Wenna Thegim says:

Why not to win early?

AdruxGamplays Yt says:

Strategy upgrade ?

DaBebe says:

You can push this car really hard, just like 919 hybrid evo and f1 cars, because it is so grippy. It is based on an f1 car that’s why

Safra Chaparro says:

sin ofender

Safra Chaparro says:

porque el va acelerando y porque frena y porque frena y acelera insisto

Safra Chaparro says:

no entiendo nada

Eddie Wei says:

Why can you ignore the recommended of PR to play and pass the stage?

Anthony w says:

Thank you for the video and info 🙂

Atif Zaman says:

How many gold and RS needed to finish this event bro plz so I can decide to spend or not

Jack Colson says:

Quick question, do you know when instant r&d and servicing will end for the Valkyrie? Also, what is the minimum amount gold needed for upgrades for the entire event? I would really like to know fast so I can plan out the event in time.

Ebola Virus says:

What device you used?

DaveMcIroy says:

The car feels weird somehow. It looks really slippery and snappy, but isn't. In fact it's weirdly good to handle.
The events at stage 1 were suspiciously easy. Especially overtaking that guy. Corner cutting 1st corner and bye.

R4DDYFox says:

Are you the owner of real racing 3?

But thanks bro for your guide🤗

JB Performance Racing says:

Whats the total upgrade tree to win the car?

Yash Jain says:

How much gold will it take to match PR of last stage..???

Salman Muktaser says:

Theyve given 3 hours free service and upgrade finish for no use, when they had to keep next goal for tomorrow, whats use

Akash Patra says:

This car is sick❤️

Rafael Rocha says:

Nice Tips Man!
I love your Channel, i take the Corvette, finally 🤣


Super sir 🔥🔥🔥

nikos Wasp says:

I think you don't drive you flight 😀😆🛫

Israel Romero says:

Total gold for all 3’s is 690 gold

John Crone says:

So just out of curiosity why would you not want to win very quickly in the challenges?

Ian Cometa says:

My 3 hours instant R&D are wasted because the next stage is tomorrow. 🙁

Marek Betak says:

What editor program you use?

Piano covers says:

the creater is always first

Melvin J.F Rembet says:

I hope the upgrades stay 0, or at least all 1

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