First Flight Stage 6 – Aston Martin Valkyrie 0 Upgrades Real Racing 3

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Intro 0:00
Stage 6 Goal 1 Upgrades 0000000 0:44
Stage 6 Goal 2 Upgrades 0000000 7:41
Stage 6 Goal 3 Upgrades 0000000 10:38
Stage 6 Goal 4 Upgrades 0000000 14:10

Car to win: Aston Martin Valkyrie

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Stanimir Rankovski says:

I dont get the last stage. Is it written in a weird way or its wrong? How should I be 1st at the start of lap 2 if I am at the 3d already and you actually need to be 1st at the start of the 5th lap which is actually the 2nd lap for the player.. I dont get it.

Anand Sundar says:

i couldn't drive without upgrading…the game askes me to upgrade….wtf…!!
in your case it is not compulsary to upgrade how…??
i could've got a valkyrie if thats the case of mine…!!!

Sebastian S says:

8:02 this challenge is imposible i dont win this with car upgrades 1111111

Kevin says:

on goal4 i really dont get how you can cut so much on the yellow/blue run-offs if i cut it there as much as you do it counts as going off track

Kevin says:

i wonder which of all thetasks of all 7 stages he thinks was most on the limit

aditya singh says:

hey SMR,cant complete 2nd goal😑😑.any suggestions for that. should i skip it

Josef Bohorquez says:

For me, the best tunning option was 333 and the other 1. But is good gold spent for the car that I’m gonna get. Only stage 7 is in between this new car and my garage

Aval Sirithanawat says:

It’s so weird on the first challenge… The track is like 13km long in real life but apparently it’s well more than 15km?

Jake Class says:

Goal 2 is to hard 😭

흰머리멧새 says:

Your driving skills are awesome

Michael Yung says:

I finally got the car!

Angelo Stringara says:

Ok, ma il mio Magnus in 6.2 NON va veloce quanto il tuo, e taglio il primo traguardo con una velocità media molto più bassa della tua.
Aggiungi che appena provo a tagliare la prima chicane come fai tu, ma squalifica!

Nifty says:

I can't win full upgrade wtf

Sandro Quad 200 PS says:

Wie schaffst du das ohne Ausbaustufen?

Rahul Daniel says:

I couldn't complete 6.2, please help me
0 Steering sensitivity
steering assists low
Break assists off
Traction off
These are my controls

David Cui says:

thanks for your video but I have to upgrade all 3 to pass stage 5😂

Роман Васильев says:

Последние 2 задания шестого дня очень тупые, никакого соревнования по итогу нет(((

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