First Flight Stage 7 – Aston Martin Valkyrie R$ Upgrades – Earning 175 Gold..!!

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Intro 0:00
Stage 7 Goal 1 Upgrades 0000000 0:56
Stage 7 Goal 2 Upgrades 0000000 6:54
Stage 7 Goal 3 Upgrades 1111111 13:10
Stage 7 Goal 4 Upgrades 1111111 18:09

Car to win: Aston Martin Valkyrie

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Real Racing 3 Speedmaster RR3 says:

I made a typo, it’s 175 gold 🤑🤑 instead of 75

John says:

Thank you! Probably can't win this without your video. Subscribed and Happy New Year. 🙂

Kevin says:

seems tough to decide at what point it seemed just out of reach doing it with no upgrades.

Aris Konstantinidis says:

Great Video as always SMR. It helped me win the car although I did it with 3313113. Thank you!!

Nathan Chan says:

Lmaoooo, I started the event and forgot to do it. And with only 22 hrs left I am speed running it

Roland Toth says:

Do you have any idea how to recover time in a special event? I have only 30 minutes to finish the valkyrie event but i have to complete stage 6 and 7.. i have no time to finish in 30 min.

LamboCoin Cars says:

Nice car with an excellent event cost, this Valkyrie is my 200th car in the garage!! 🎉
Just completed the event, event was medium difficulty for me, with a lot of easy goals but also a few decently challenging but not too hard goals.

Patryk Wiechecki says:


Heinrich says:

done, but with more upgrade, all3 except brake&susp 4 and exhaust 2. Almost win with less upgrade but sometimes the bot in 7.3 is so fast, even faster than in this video, I finished 8th in 4:12 and still lose because sato 🇯🇵 finished in 7th in 4:10

Dave Vanwhalen says:

Great driving really like the videos I learned a lot of good tips around these tracks merry Christmas bro

iRock says:

If I upgrade from the start of the event will the bots be harder?

TheRastaYouth says:

Super impressive Mr. SpeedMaster. You're certainly on a different level. A master of your racecraft.

Marcus Van Assendelft van Wijck says:

I have this car fully upgraded. Why can't I make it to 294km the first round ? Makes me sad. 🙁

Kim_Ice says:

Thank you very much for the detailed walkthrough!

Passed this event with improvement 1111113

I had to improve the tires, because lacked grip in slow corners in stage 7.3

Mohammad Irshad Azmi says:

I going to get this car NO MATTER WHAT
I have really played for 1 year to really get skilled as you

Kritarth Tripathi says:

2:27…… It wasn't off track, how how how how?? 🥴🥴

Jiam Is Me says:

SMR:only r$ upgrade for…………
Me:Okyy…cheap.let's do it!
After a while: finished by using 350golds:"))
Whatever keep going.u r the best rr3 utuber.

David Cui says:

I’ll try stage 7 today. But I have to upgrade using gold in stage 6. Thanks for your video bro!

Yen Stifler says:

Need help I'm stuck at stage 7 goal 3..pretty hard to catch position 7th..

Luis Celis says:

Congrats, It's imposible for me.

Arkos39 says:

You are a Champ, Speedmaster! Merry Christmas, bro!😎👍

Philippe Jumetz says:

Oui et en trichant

Roger Takey says:

Congrats mate! So good to watch it!

David Buchler says:

Who-else would like F2 cars in rr3?

David Buchler says:

Who-else would like F2 cars in rr3?

Bertrand Nelson says:

Definitely the Xmas gift from the Monkeys! But it seems you are so thrilled that at 0:31 you mention 75 gold for reward, instead of 175… 😉 Now I have to do the same than you and start the series.

SwiftTG says:

Great driving!


i stuck at stage 5 i give up if not i will bankrupt

Alex Pusherwalk says:

Whats the sensitivity of yours

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