FIRST LOOK | 310mph+ Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut… Bugatti's worst nightmare? | Top Gear

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Yes, Koenigsegg have done it again. Not only did they land a rather unsubtle mic-drop at the Not Geneva Motor Show with their 1,700bhp four-seat family-wagon – the Gemera – but they threw their metaphorical microphone right in the direction of Bugatti with this – the Jesko Absolut, a top speed oriented version of the Jesko capable, apparently, of 310mph…. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

Top Gear Series 28:
Geneva Online Motor Show:
First Look:

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Gabe Collins says:

I thought the absolut was supposed to be black

Mohsain Karim says:

Christian is a legend

Tom,foolpluto says:

I love the jesko and I love it even more knowing that koenigsegg is gonna focus on Le Mans after the jesko absolut

FaZe Nuttela says:

I made a video about the koenigsegg jesko pls watch it

APE Suit9 says:

Funny how ppl love fast cars but keep in their garage doing nothing most of the times. Koenigsegg is the fastest car but Bugatti still holds the crown overall.

Halal Bacon Lord says:

the speedtail is basically an extended version of the absolut

tim voorman says:

i want one for christmass please santa lol

Mrb1ackdyn0mite says:

What a good sales pitch :
How fast will it go?
Faster than you'd ever want to drive.

[KPG] says:

This is who Elon would be if he were actually a car enthusiast (though I love Teslas). Christian genuinely cares about each work of art he puts out, and actually walks the walk of running an exotic car company. Doesn't try to sell the car too much, he just let's it speak for itself. It's not too often that you can hear the passion in a businessman's voice about what he does for a living.


Chiron super sport: oh no.

Callum Davies says:

The title of this isn't a lie this will be a nightmare for bugatti

Toaster NOIR says:

Do you guys think that devel sixteen is done?

Rafael Gareev says:

dont worry bugatti builded bolide all rounder

Bradley Payne says:

I wanna see them enter WEC. I want to see one of their cars do LeMans

Mylifeis funny says:

so this is the world's fastest car

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