FIRST LOOK – Ferrari SF90 Stradale – and YOU'RE coming too!

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FIRST LOOK – Ferrari SF90 Stradale – and YOU’RE coming too!

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This week TheCarGuys invite you to an exclusive VIP launch of the new hybrid Ferrari – the SF90 Stradale.

Join us for complete access to the official launch of the car at the historic Fiorano test track – see the car for the first time, and find out what it’s like to be one of the privileged few in Ferrari’s inner sanctum.

How much is the SF90? When will it be out? What’s so special about it? And just what is an Assetto Fiorano? All these questions and more will be answered in this week’s episode.

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Regular episodes include: Real World Tests, Car Buying Challenges, Meet Your Heroes, This Week’s Rant and Top 5s.

In this episode, Mr Butt is wearing Patek Philippe Nautlius 5711. But you can’t really see it.

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Sam, Nigel & Glenn @ Meridien Modena
Additional pr images & footage © 2019 Ferrari S.p.A

The CarGuys are:
Damian Butt
Jason Taylor

PG Butt (title)
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Apostle Dr Gregory Wright PHD says:

I 💕 love it. I want one

leerroy77 says:

The one in South Kensington arrived yesterday in navy blue but left hand drive

Craig Anthony says:

Ferrari is getting like Mclaren. A new model every month.

Sherin Jahan says:

its 0-62 in 2.5

Darin Ballback says:

Excellent video! Very well informed.

Michael Teret says:

Looks like a Corvette, better drive great…

Carl Hoppe says:

Should’ve had round tail lights

Robert Lulek says:

Stick to your Ferrari pista spider that is more beautiful

Robert Lulek says:

Finally the key is what does it sound like??

Robert Lulek says:

the best thing to do is to wait a couple of years after it comes out and the value will drop since they are mass-producing it. Should be able to pick up this car at a good discount. Especially the way cars are technologically advancing this day

Robert Lulek says:

When Lamborghini comes out with the Aventador replacement I believe it should Trump this car. And looks exotic beauty and power possibly.if they keep to the roots of a 12-cylinder engine as well it would be something else

Kris I. says:

Production car is gonna kill the value

Kris I. says:

I not sure of all the touch screen and how good it will be

9enius says:

Ive never been less excited for a ferrari. It's like an italian acura

Roel Arends says:

Never thought I would live the day that Ferrari would design a car which looks like a Corvette… Great machinery! Many thanks to 'the guys' for taking us along to the event.

Milan Buzdumovic says:

Ferrari sf 90 str = extra fast = spec fast = f 1 str

A says:

Design is very colour sensitive – for me red doesn't work – silver one looks nice. With the right colour would look great.

Luis Saavedra says:

Thank you for the opportunity !

P J says:

Hyper cars are purchased for investment purposes and not for daily or occasional use for the owners. Just like real estate, you bought the ultra-expensive car to flip it in the short term or selling it at a higher price in the long term. You cannot go to a gas station without scraping the lower body of these hyper cars.

Richard Hirsty71.RH says:

Fo you think it looks a lot like the CORVETTE C8 STINGRAY 🤔

mugdays says:

Do you still believe the next true Ferrari hypercar will be unveiled this year?

Lew Scagnetti says:

Some people just have TOO MUCH MONEY ! I can only wish to be contemplating to buy a Hybrid Ferrari or Not…Pretty Depressing Stuff !!

A says:

Not having NA engine is a mistake – hybrid fills in the lower gap and then you have high revving NA engine – similar to what 918 has. Hybrid tech saves NA engine future. Lot of cash for a not limited car. Still cool though…

Ruohong Zhao says:

whoever design the rear end of this car should have a 10 seconds penalty.

Reda DK says:

Why the heck you want it to be limited!!! Stupid selfish people 😷

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