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Three seats, stratospheric top speed and a price tag that’s similarly out of this world, allow Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix to walk you around the mad 250mph McLaren Speedtail. Read more here:

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Densley Cunningham says:

With all this Aerodynamics and Sleekness it's Disappointing that the car doesn't even hit Mach 1!!🙄🙄😒😒😒

Ibrahim Pallikkal says:

McLaren is my favourite supercar/Hypercar brand 🔥⚡️💫⭐️✨☄️💥

Robbie Schertz says:

this guy really called the senna ugly????

Vítor Martins says:


Sumukh says:

This design brings tear to my eyes.

Mohammed Mazin says:

King of aerodynamics 🔥

Tyrone W says:

My New Love 🏎 💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

:D says:

OK… Seeing this makes me feel like a kid again… Like when I saw the McLaren F1 debut 🤩

Fauzan Adli says:

p1 mixed with senna and got speedtail

ʟᴇᴄᴛʀᴏᴀᴄᴇ says:

Did they seriously just called the McLaren senna ugly?..

Abel Krishna says:

Why does the steering wheel look out of place.

Timmy Oshaunessy says:

Porsche long tail 1971. Think harder

Sebastian Ortega says:

Put this car against Hennessy venom f5

Toby Beckensall says:

What I don't get is, how is this not the fastest car in the world. It's so aerodynamic it's almost alien and it had an insane amount of power. That should propel the insanely light car past 300mph

stsohgessi says:

8:03 right hand side – badly fitting panel.

Ahmed Mohammed says:

Looks like a cockroach. Especially the back

NeedForSpeed2004 says:

F1 was better

Lyte Lost says:

Speedtail horsepower: 1036hp for anyone that skipped that part.

Worn Nation says:

Mclaren be making some revoultionary cars. Its like what I imagined the futre to be like when i was young.

MeisterJD says:

He long

Shaul Strait says:

the only thing this has in common with the f1 is that's its a 3 seater

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