First Pagani Huayra BC delivered in US. Crazy BEAST at Pagani Miami

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Pagani Huayra BC First in US + Pagani Huayra La Monza Lisa and Pagani Huayra Diablo at Pagani Miami

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Big thanks to Pagani Miami – Prestige Imports for helping make this video!

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Rosemay Trayco says:

I mean the other cars….

Rosemay Trayco says:

as i always watch video from yuotube about super cars, i always saw lambo., ferrari, bugatti, etc. but this pagani…..i saw it twice….
i just wanna ask if the pagani is more expensive from those i mentioned? I saw the srp. of pagani was 15 million dollar…and the rest are 2.5 mil…

Rudraksh Sharma says:


gottabump says:

get off the phone tool

Matttpol says:

Why do you have a EU spec Huayra in Miami?

justabelgian gamer says:

omg i love that car. great video dude ??

Jc Jc says:

muy lindos el BC que tiene la bandera Argentina es de perez compac

Col Sum says:

is there a name for the grey BC w/ gold wheels?

Tristan Miller says:

tbh i'm not a big fan of the rear wing, it looks like an afterthought

D B says:

Ugly car. The great Italian designs ended with Giugiaro and Gandini. This thing is a techno mess style wise

bLu says:

do you all do trade in I have a 2012 Toyota Corolla S

MLTN 88 says:

If only Horacio would develop his own engines for Pagani? I mean nothing wrong with the AMG engines they are amazing, but at the end of the day you can still say that this is a reskinned Mercedes. Lamborghini has its own engines, Ferrari does it too, Koenigsegg, Bugatti, Porshe, basically all the big boys.

Ethan Beckford says:

i just think they need a different rim to accent all the other amazing parts

Jacob Rothschild says:

very ugly car….

Promothash Boruah says:

This is crazy ?? I am fan of Pagani

Tierman Beats says:

I think I just caught Carbon Fever.

Dany60 says:

Honestly… such a ugly car for the price…

Ricky Nugraha says:

This is a paradise of the world not the heaven of his gods ?

shadinasr77 says:

Love it but I love the Zonda's more.

David G says:

should be plural.. Huarya's… not just one fool

shanarah76 says:

So damn overrated… rear mirrors just destroy the body

Ammar Ahmed says:

When is macchina volante coming? Do you know

Đạt Nguyễn says:

uoc mơ có dc 1 chiec that khó

Barta Bhaus says:

When Pagani

Jameel Ja says:

doesn't it have Bluetooth? lol
I can't can't afford the rim on this car, but I still prefer the Zonda (especially the Cinque)

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