Flame Spitting Aventador S in [4K]

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Yup.. same dude from the GT3RS video hahaha this is one of his other awesome builds, Aventador S! Thank you John for everything you do for me! and thank you Sam for the garage space! 😀

BTS video:

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Chanakya Sudhama says:

I can say with full confidence that no other channel showcases the cars as well as this ..

The 777 Garage says:

Cool video , well done 💪

mukul anand says:

Do these cars have good ground clearance ?

Ronaldo Linhares says:

Éu antoleís está lamborghini aventador.
Éu amém esté video ❤❤😍😚😘😙
Éu gosto está lamborghini aventador
Éu deselhei está lamborghini aventador, com carrilho papel e papelão.😊☺😮😍😙 É legal mano olhar meu video 🔝🔙 você faí meu imagem carro.

anime is laifu says:

filmed this using bmx

Bass God official says:

hello guys, i used your video to make the video of my latest trap song "Dark 'n Dope' and i have given you all the credits of the video to you in the description…please any one of you listen to it because i have spent a lot of time in making it and please like, comment, and subscribe because it'll motivate me to make a million more songs like it in the future❤🙌

Khedi Bhai says:

One of the great creator on YouTube

Soff YT says:

new subcriber from indonesian people

Dilanka Moradana says:


Nathaniel Jocks says:

My dream car 💕

CASH 3PL CORP_ops says:

Fucking inspiring!

Clean xeFilms says:

insane good video dude !!!!

mike stanly says:

A lot of Super cars and other cars will Catch Fire and burn to the ground , be careful with the Park and Flame REVS., Need to Sport science to see how long the longest flame was 3 feet?

Perfect car here, paint , exhaust sound, performance.

Teo#90 says:

Top video.. 😍😍😍

LessPeople LessProblems says:

Say no to electric and hybrid cars!

the1111011 says:

I was listening to this when I was at toilet this really helped me thank you 🙂

Andrew Gilbert says:

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Maserati Cars says:

where can i find clips like this ?

mike stanly says:

Tokyo tears burning , Amazing song, amazingly beautiful car, thankyou !!! 🙂

mike stanly says:

I wish he was my neighbor , i mean Black and glow in the dark green , how do you beat that? Hi lighter yellow, glow in the dark?? maybe. Love the video, wish there was more cornering and hilly roads too, how do you find this awesome song ?

Jason Harke says:


Konstantin Leh says:


Amirhosein Gholamrezaee says:

Name sound?

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