Flat Black Twin Turbo Corvette C6 Z06 ZR1 Highway Pull

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Base 08 C6. Heavily modified. Last dyno was 1,148 rwhp. In this video it only had around 590 wheel. It was the first APS Twin turbo LS3 back in 08. It eventually cracked a piston, so I ripped out the engine and built it up with a YSi blower.


J M says:

Soooo is it a z06 or a zr1…?

Mastermind says:

Dumbass ruined the car with that ugly paint just for attention.

corkoran says:

Why 1m views ??? for a c6 not a z06! z06 not exist in targa !!!!

princeyear2k8 says:

Fast but looks like shit.

Era AG says:

so is that zr1, z06 or just c6?

Joseph Kim says:

dosent have zr1 vents

vindicator2008 says:

thats gotta cost a lot of dough

Mark G says:

When I was poor and on welfare I used to paint my car flat black with $2 spray paint.  Why is this in style???

corvettez098 says:

That's a corvette with a body kit

anthony marshall says:

Not bad. Although the paint is disgusting. I love gloss paint.

thefourshowflip says:

also, the Z06 and ZR1 were both offered at the same time (C6 Z06 was available from 2006 – 2013, ZR1 was offered from 2009 – 2013, and the 427 convertible was offered in 2013 only…i think)

thefourshowflip says:

its neither. Both the Z06 and ZR1 have a FIXED roof(not removable). This corvette has the targa top, meaning the center section of the roof can be removed (and stored in the truck). This is STANDARD on the base and z51 or grand sport models (depending on the year they either called it z51 or grand sport, but its more or less the same) but was not even offered on the z06/zr1 because they wanted the maximum structural rigidity (having a fixed roof makes the chassis "stiffer" and handles better)

Noe Longoria says:

damn that Vette sounds like pure wind noise.

rolly451 says:

so is it a ZO6 or a ZR1…2 different cars from 2 different years!

Deidarax01 says:

Every cameraman's motto: Stick it out the window, it just sounds better.

Chris says:

It isn't a highway pull, it is called a head snap.

CooganMick1991 says:

P.s The person who uploaded this vid is a moron.. Its "Matte" Black not "Flat"

juhbby says:

i think he needs a neck brace

DoctorLeopluradon says:

what have they done to her?

VoodooShelby says:


mustangbub03 says:

thats one shity looking fast car LOL!!!!!

JnK says:

Well I suppose if you're a crow, and attracted to shiny objects, this cars sucks, but there's a hell of a lot more to a car than a paint job. And maybe some people appreciate the car for what it is, and don't need the shiny paint so that they can try to show off to everyone with how much money they have. I've been to too many car shows and seen piles of shit with flashy paint get all the attention from the same morons that are bashing this car.

KONTRAone says:

i could be wrong here, but i'm pretty sure that this vette is not on boost. response was WAYYY to quick, and he did not seem to be brake-boosting. just sayin'…

AT Omega says:

its flat black
it goes:
flat > matte > satin > semi-gloss >gloss

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