Flying A Pagani Zonda From Dubai To Italy – First Class!

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Some days are simply better than others…
I fly a Pagani Zonda F from Dubai to Italy on the maiden flight of a Boeing 777…in First Class…WTF?

Subtitles by – Italian Subtitles

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recon forsales says:

A piece of metal better treated than humans. The human race is soooo lost

Alan Carter says:

Awesome video.

Krn. says:

but what if i want to travel from london to usa i want to take my car with me

Jerry Birring says:

how much did it cost brother??

JBass14 says:

Take a shot every time he says Zonda 🤣

Insight Eins says:

The event is "monumental"!? Taking a car on a plane is every day´s bussiness for airports. Don´t really know what makes you so excited about it….
12:25 You compare the landing gear of a A320 with the gear of a B777 🙂 Boy…

Rajesh Singh says:

Da faq is Pagni Zonda. I thought it was Honda.

Nathan Horne says:

James after you said your next video was going to be about the time you took a flight with a Pagani Zonda F on the same Emirates you whent first class I just had to watch the video from a few years ago as I didn't want to hang till your next upload thumb's up hi from Sydney 🇦🇺👍🏻

urban structure says:

Best car collection GA$$$ money can buy!!!!

BASE says:

Wonder what the price would be to do this….$40k..60…100?

Azhal Halil says:

Him: its not everyday you get to be under a plane

Me: laughs in pilot

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