Ford can't decide if I get to buy a GT

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Ed ( wants to buy the new Ford GT but Ford hasn’t been able to decide if he is going to get to do that.

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Ed Bolian says:

Have you ever wondered what all those things are in the background of our set? I put a tour of the area where we shoot them on my personal channel along with the stories of most of the things we have back there.

Shannon Stiles says:


Gary Obeso says:

I would like to be on this show one day

Ivan Gonzalez says:

I love how this video just turned into Ed asking for a Ford GT lol

Christ Guert says:

That’s why buying a viper was way better you only had to go to the dealer make a check on your financial by the dealer and if you where good they throw the key at you and say come back Friday to pay your bills

john patterson says:

Ed is a consummate story teller and keeps your interest from the first word to the last.

captainchaos3 says:

Ford continues to use a bad lugnut design on all their vehicles. If they refuse to change a simple design as that, what else do they refuse to change? 🤔🤔

VanAventura says:

Ed has the best stories

Alan luscombe8a says:

I got to see ganassi win lemans in the new gt. The next year they were robbed of so much power they finished second to last.

Alan luscombe8a says:

Why the hell do so many rich people want to live in the south? It sucks ass

djdsf says:

So, what happened with this?

Irrelevant says:

The Ford gt is 900k-1.2m now lol

JY Justice says:

What if Kimmy got approved for a Ford GT. That would make for one hell of a VinWiki story 😂

Green Mountain says:

Old man got rubbed by ED dealership.

Tucker Custom Shop says:

I'm thinkin' tell Ford to pound sand. I didn't want yer stupid car anyhow!

justin crawford says:

I want one too who wants to trade a 6th gen ss hahah

Hoodoo Texas says:

Ed gets Ford GT. Then sells it to a prostitute.

Hoodoo Texas says:

I drive a 2005 Toyota Corolla with 225,000 miles. Why am I interested in this shite?……but I am.

Collin Wall says:

I got to see the real gulf GT40 that raced Le Mans in person a few years ago before it went to auction

frogstomp427 says:

This video reminds me of why Chevy will always have a more significant performance pedigree than Ford. This shit right here, where Ford personally decides who can buy their halo car, stands against the idea of the American Dream. Virtually anyone can aspire to one day be able to afford a Corvette, and some Corvettes can hang right there and beat the new GT. Yet Ford comes out with this halo car and decides who is worthy of buying their car based on shit like social media capital. That and they won't even make it for more than 3 years. That is so weak.

They had the opportunity to keep the Thunderbird in production as a Corvette fighter and dropped it. They had the opportunity twice to make the GT a regular production Corvette fighter and opted out, they even missed the opportunity to keep the Cobra going as a Corvette fighter and dropped that too.

That's Ford's performance legacy right there; tempt people with amazing semi production machines that normal people can never hope to own, just to sell a Mustang or an Escape.

j heath says:

I'd sell every ford vehicle I owned if I was that billionaire guy

Hector616 says:

In mawah jersey there is an old lincoln dealership but it’s no longer one and outside there was trailer with a GT on it called all American racing when I looked in side the showroom there was like 6 GTs all the newer ones and

feersty says:

So you’re telling me Ed is too good for Amurrrrican Cars?

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