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Ford Fiesta SPANKS a Supra!? Holy Underdog!

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Something about seeing a Ford Fiesta beating a ZL1 Camaro is mind boggling, and we LOVED that we we’re able to witness it. For a little car, this little Fiesta ST had no problem kicking A$$ and taking names! Some of the cars it lined up against we we’re positive it wouldn’t be able to beat but it manage to surprise us all, even the driver! Making a list of cars it out ran in the half mile, this little Fiesta ST battled anyone who would line up down the airstrip of Rantoul Aviation Center during Omega Motorsport’s NoFlyZone Midwest event!
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Andy rc says:

fiesta yuk awful car

Malo Garcia says:

Transmission kick modest closer canvas immediately accuse properly we faint phase.

5%joe - says:

What’s the link for the kit

John Barg says:

we not talking about that dope ass altrac?

noxious89123 says:

"Anything over 300bhp is wasted in a FWD" Looks like this guy didn't get the memo on that one!

Carlos Vargas says:

A lot of people hating on the fiesta St jajajaja

Skyline 350GT says:

owner seems cool as hell

Team Ski says:

Vive las ST!!!!

Chettaman12 says:

Even the owner said it…… stock Supra. Stock Supra weighs more and has less power than that modified Fiesta. Kudos to having a nice sleeper but, the way they titled the vid doesn't really hold up to the anticipation.

K9 JSB says:

Not hard to beat a Stock/Standard Supra lol

oddiosanto says:

sounds like a blender, but it goes like sting! nice

Matthew Sprouse says:

A turd of a car that someone threw money into. Any car can be fast. Put the same amount of money I to anthing else and its just as fast if not faster

Lawrence Timme says:

Danger to manifold 😛

Ray Howe says:

This dude is down to race anybody

Pedro Dabb says:

sad thing is the engine probably already blew, unreliable car right their

Eric Steele says:

yeah brz won ahahahahaha

Joshua Portillo says:

Why does it sound like that?

moo. says:

Blew a turbo?


Nolhan Rolland says:

Add soul length qevqy guidance quote department definitely clothing God

jeraldsiemon says:

So when does he beats the supra cause the only video i saw was the supra beating him

Ryan Belden says:

Yeah I drove a automatic transmission 1 a 2017 ford fiesta se as a rental and that dam thing scoots the seats are in comfortable but it hauls ass and it's not and st or manual I was surprised you just tap the gas around town and the motor just wants to go most cars and trucks I beat on the road thought that little shit box can't do anything well they were wrong it's a sleeper alright there's no weight to the car it just has 120hp with 115lbs ft of torque but it moves and it handles well

Iceweasel says:

a fiesta st is probably the gayest thing a man could buy with his money, besides a scion tc

soundseeker63 says:

Evo tries to shed some weight at 3:13 lol

Kelly Williams says:

Now that's a good video. !

jo jo says:

Still smoked by an ls

rustler08 says:

Seeing that it barely got a few car lengths on a freaking G35, that tells you everything you need to know about the ZL1 driver.

Michael Locklear says:

I heard the ZL1 Spinning its but off.

Tito Gonzalez says:

I really like the length of the videos 1320 !!

toast_fairy1 says:


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