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Ford Fiesta ST 2018 – has the best hot hatch just got better? | Top 10s

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The brand new Ford Fiesta ST has just been revealed and should go on sale before 2018, but over at carwow I’ve put together this handy Top10 video giving you all need to know about this brand new hot hatch! For example, the new Ford Fiesta ST will feature an active exhaust system which should boost engine sound. What other cool features have been added to this hot hatch? Watch this easy to digest Top10 video to find out more!

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Fezz Bomb says:

That looks HORRIBLE!

petroleum junkie says:

Mate drive the new megane rs, 4 wheel steering and 275 bhp from a 1.8t and gorgeous design

Shane Parks says:

Wish this was available in the US. it's an american brand car for cryin' out loud

ffrs1444 says:

Looks like a old lady's car Lame

Cameron Jamieson says:

Really hate the new fiesta rear end. The rest of the car looks quite nice but I'm definitely glad I got my ST before they changed the design of it.

brandon wright says:

The best hot hatch lol yeah ok nothing in the world would get me to buy a three cylinder anything I'd rather stick with the four-cylinder first GEN fiesta ST or any other car

lfsracer79 says:

1:45 Big wheels, tiny brakes, looks ridiculous…

Sesto Sili says:

I've got the 2014 and must say the new facelift 2018 looks terrible i've seen it life.

lilxmiget says:

I can’t wait to see what modifications will be available for this thing! A spiltter will make that look mean as ?

Corneleus Spunkington says:

Nice job in fucking up which was the nicest hot hatch on the market! Pure ugly ser!

NoLogic X says:

Front end is nice but back end looks like they gave up and slapped the back of a b-max on it

Yushley Baines says:

Design is terrible

Deni Rebic says:

Can anyone tell me more about ST, i saved some money i would consider this new ST or save more for new i30N, i tried regular Fiesta 2012 and it felt very plastic and hollow, slamming the doors felt like on old tractor, dunno if that is case of trim level or what, so i need your experience about quality and reliability?

Thomas Ford says:

"price and release date" – doesn't show either?

Uh huh, uh huh says:

Looks awesome!  Unfortunately, we're not getting it in the USA.

Andrew Maple says:

I think this car will be amazing people need to go with the times things are getting faster and cleaner and we will all be loving this car I'm four years time

PajoPatak says:

rear like the c-max?! wtf

Thordur Hogna says:

I find it fascinating that this car of 200 hp is 3 silinder

Andrew Robinson says:

3 cylinder. ….. no thanks

Josh983 says:

Tf is with the 3 cylinder economy bullshit

David Palacios says:

Ill trade in my 2017 vw gti se for the new fiesta st 3-door if they bring it to the states!!!

nisancashi2241 says:

not bad the alloys are gik

Yücel Şahin says:


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