Ford Fiesta ST Cobb Catback Exhaust Sound Comparison

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COBB PN# 501100

On the “STOCK” Fiesta ST the wheels are Aristo Collection Retromesh in 18×8 ET42 215/40-18 on H&R Coilovers that have been lowered to the max and had parts of the rear mounts removed for maximum slam.
On the “COBB” Fiesta ST the wheels are XXR type 528 plastidipped Gunmetal Metallic 4×108 17×7.5 ET38 215/45-17 on ST Suspensions XTA Coilovers, set conservatively for driving fast on crappily paved streets.

This video compares a stock Fiesta ST exhaust side by side against the Cobb Cat-Back/Turbo-Back Exhaust for the Fiesta ST, installed at ModBargains.

Nick, resident ST vehicle specialist, offers his feedback after living with this system.
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