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Ford Fiesta ST Cobb Catback Exhaust Sound Comparison

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COBB PN# 501100

On the “STOCK” Fiesta ST the wheels are Aristo Collection Retromesh in 18×8 ET42 215/40-18 on H&R Coilovers that have been lowered to the max and had parts of the rear mounts removed for maximum slam.
On the “COBB” Fiesta ST the wheels are XXR type 528 plastidipped Gunmetal Metallic 4×108 17×7.5 ET38 215/45-17 on ST Suspensions XTA Coilovers, set conservatively for driving fast on crappily paved streets.

This video compares a stock Fiesta ST exhaust side by side against the Cobb Cat-Back/Turbo-Back Exhaust for the Fiesta ST, installed at ModBargains.

Nick, resident ST vehicle specialist, offers his feedback after living with this system.

1721 E. Lambert Road Unit C
La Habra, CA 90631
(714) 582-3330

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Ito Ke says:

1:31 to skip the crap and get straight to it.

Huel Howser says:

i want an eggg-zaust system too

Tangels Turner says:

I have heard way better exhaust

Jon3.0 says:

im in love with this car so much – cant wait to get mine next month!

Tyler C says:

What wheels?

Michael Aguirre says:

why get off the throttle when passing the camera?

shaneanus says:

Cant find this in australia anywhere….? not happy ?

Matias Reategui says:

Would this exhaust work on the Ford Fiesta SE?

Jason Constantine says:

Stop fee revving you jackass.

Aaron Beau says:

Nick you really put some emphasis on the X in exhaust eh? Lol all jokes aside thank you for your videos.

Gaze says:

i heard it won't fit the 3 door version, is that true?

Electro Evolution says:

that turbo sounds 10x louder with the cobb exhaust

MusashiSolid206 says:

this ex zaust sounds pretty g ood.

CallmeGOAT says:

the rims from stock dang

LAD EMA says:

I live in the UK; please send website details as would like to check for other options on the exhaust. Cheers

ApexIXMR says:

Nice eggs-zaust

Jesus love you says:

tint the windows black and spray the rims black then the car will be completed ?

Matty D says:

Dude. You have blurred the plate in the video but at 2:02 you can see the reg. – 7EHA668 – The police are coming! Run away!!!

bradzilla channel says:

I put an exaust system on my 2013 SE Ford Fiesta. it seems to be loosing MPG. Is that due to dial in back pressure?

Tyler Bundies says:

Was the "after" sound with the Cobb Cat back, or Turbo back? I'm assuming using the catted downpipes without the stock cat would make a big difference in the sound?

Nick Bowater says:

2.32 handbrake lol

mrmagnetsarecool says:

I love these cars, but nothing will ever compare to my old WRX boxer rumble.

daavee03 says:

Never seen a 5 door Fiesta ST before!

Bruno Sorrettone says:

Vedo poca differenza con la versione normale

IzzyEG6 says:

Wheel specs please

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