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Ford Fiesta ST First Drive – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

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All the talk is Clio RS v Fiesta ST – well this video doesn’t answer that question. But it’s our first drive in the newest fast Ford. And Henry tends to be quite good at making these hot hatches.

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eieio96720 says:

Great review. But where does the music come from?

Chris Litton says:

Would love to own one of these, I have a mk1 mr2 and find my mk7 fiesta to almost be as much fun to drive!

Tom Ferreira says:

God damn it just bought one of these drove it for 3 months then lost my license for 6 months, Man I'm idiot now its sitting in my driveway looking very sad.

Spencer Forman says:

Are the pedals different in the US cars? because mine do not look like that

Jonathan Powell says:

French can’t build cars, flimsy, tinny, everything back to front, quality NOT there, Ford a little bit better,but not much, JAPS and the Germans are the way to go FACT

taff_G1 says:

Wanker trying to be clarkson

Mark Hammond says:

Mentioning suspension changes and a steering wheel badge but nothing to do with it having a six speed box ?

dbasq1 says:

Ford, since 96/97 have proven that power is a factor, but not the definitive factor in a car. It's the chassis that makes the car. The Puma/Racing Puma, the ST170 and this Fiesta are a case in point. Even the wee 1.25 Fiesta from 99/00 was a hoot on a good, twisty road.
I've owned a B5 RS4 and an 03 ST170, and on a regional road around home (west of Ireland; bumpy/twisty), I'd take the fast Ford any day.

Team Ski says:

This video sold me on getting an ST………

Simon George says:

I remember the MK1 Fiesta XR2, only had 4 speed gearbox but boy could it fly, and to be honest ive not been a fan of Fords for many years. I find the interior styling a bit fussy and appears to aim at young drivers, bit too gimmicky for me. Such a shame as this ST does seem a very good car. I have a Yaris at the moment, yeah don't laugh, its a good car for whats its designed to do but tempted with another small quick car as I only really use one at weekends. Ive had two Abarth 500s, a MK1 Audi TT and a MK2 Golf GTi, and I miss the fun. The only thing that concerns me about this ST is build quality, as reviewers have said its not the best. Thats why im no fan of Ford, my girlfriend has had a new Fiesta and Focus since 2011 and both caused problems, so im a bit wary. Polo GTi looks good but they cut corners with things, such as when you lift the rear seats all the underside foam is showing which looks cheap and nasty, cant believe they did that as they aint cheap cars. Handling not sure, as had a new Polo TDi and the steering was totally lifeless, so again, undecided. Renault? Dont like the design of any of their cars, so thats them off the list straight away! 208 GTi? Maybe but read reports of flat spots in the power when running hot, not sure if thats true but its worrying. What do I get then?

Drew J says:

I love how driving 6 figure hypercars hasnt skewed his view on driving. Mad respect to chris harris for looking beyond stigmas and appreciating cars like this

James says:

Chris what was your foot technique at 3:17 used for? Also you braked with your left foot? I am sure you will have the perfect explanation.

Ben says:

The traction control does turn completely off (or allow some slipping in 'sport' mode), but you can't turn off the brake vectoring.

Harry Jones says:

Would a 18/19 year old get Insured on a 2018 st how expensive would it be

Matthew Bradford says:

I bought one after watching this video

Andrew Misplon says:

I own a 2014 Fiesta ST. This review is absolutely spot on in terms of the pros on cons. Really well summed up. I absolutely love mine. Well done Chris.

Sam Toure says:

A dead what? …the truth will set u free Chris.

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