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Ford Fiesta ST Review (Tiny Turbos Pt. 2) — Everyday Driver

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Since the moment it was announced, we’ve been asked to review the Fiesta ST. In fact, a loyal viewer even offered up his car to go against the Fiat 500 Abarth in this comparison of affordable Tiny Turbos. Is this the best $25,000 car?

See Part 1, The Fiat 500 Abarth, Here:

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Ben Simons says:

Wrecked my 08 Bullitt on ice, took y'alls advice and bought a 17 ST and man I'm loving it totally

Ethan Siems says:

Over analysis taken to the next level…

Christopher Torwirt says:

I really really want a ford fiesta.

It'sPumpkin Chief says:

My mom bought one in 2015 out of the blue and at first I thought it was just a towny car but my opinion quickly changed after I drove

Mike Chavez says:

I got mine in August of 14, I have 48+thousand miles on it and have loved every minute of it, it has a nice MBRP 3 inch exhaust, intake, rear motor mount, short shift kit and sticky Perelli‘s on it, I embarrass a lot of people with it in the Twisties, this car will definitely make you smile.

Tomas C K says:

And that fiesta interior makes me think of shopping trolleys

Tomas C K says:

It's just so abominable ugly compared to the fiat

Thruxton8 says:

Great review gents and fair call. The Fiesta has inherently the easier platform to enhance the engineering performance potential but the Abarth is just plain mad because its the more enjoyable recipe of stuffing more power into a smaller car that was never intended in the original plan and that is what a "tuned" car is all about for most, pushing the engineering envelope of a generic vehicle that Carlo Abarth started way back in the 1940's, tuning small light Fiats and making them into bespoke sports car challengers. That is why so many people fall in love with them, they aren't perfect and that's what makes them "perfect" nonsensical cars are often hilarious to drive!  The first time you drive an Abarth you usually can't wipe the grin off your face, they are purely mad! Granted, the 500 Abarth will never be as well balanced as the ST with that shorter wheelbase when pushing the HP envelope but man stuff it with even more power and it becomes a riot, a fire cracker, stupidity and an absolute blast to drive. Anything that needs your full concentration not to pirouette when pushing spiritedly enhances all your senses and enhances all the thrill, and that is what belting a car should be all about. A vehicle that has a lot more chassis than power can feel downright boring and that is due to not being able to unbalance it easily, it starts to feel as if the car is driving itself and you are purely a passenger not the "pilot". You guys sound like your heads would buy the ST but your hearts would take the Abarth (and add even more HP :). My heart chose the Abarth and I'm loving every minute of in it a year on. Driving 10minutes to the shops is not a drive, it's an event LOL  😉

Warlock says:

For 25k $, hm… A 156 SportsWagon 2.4JTD 20V for sure, and probably a E38 730d 🙂 and have some 12-15k$ to fix them and improve them a lot…


Andy Broer says:

My 500 Abarth purchased second hand had a Madness 500 ECU and strut bar installed… at ~196bhp its a hoot to drive… just love it!

ongomagic says:

Ford over Fiat always.

Ryne Parker says:

Just bought my FiST on Monday. I made the right choice.

Jim Haight says:

WTF? I just learned that Ford is not continuing the Fiesta or Focust ST for 2018 in the USA! I am going to get a Fist before they are gone!

Stephen Butler says:

Too many doors.

Rob F says:

I bought the car a year ago based on this review. I couldn't be happier and have come from far more expensive fun cars. Thanks guys!

hazerkitten says:

i'll say it, 0-60 in 7 seconds is SLOW.

Todor says:

+1 for FIAT 500

TheGr33nNinja says:

For stock i'd get the fiesta ST, for modding, i'd get the BRZ. Strictly because UEL header subie rumble. Just love that rumble.

Del Juego Gaming says:

I just got a 2017 Fiesta ST!!!! Just like the one you reviewed in this video.

Del Juego Gaming says:

Great review thanks!

buildmorefarms100 says:

Boring, quiet Ford.

Pete Flynn says:

One observation I have to make is that the car needs to lose weight,

J R says:

Informative, great insight and commentary on driving dynamics. These guys are authentic and straight forward. Im getting that Fiesta ST, thanks for the review.

StuckXJ says:

Just bought a Fiesta ST

DSDaTacoSauce says:

I'm reading all these comments and am i the only one that wants the abarth over the st? Half my reasoning is because i hate having cars that a lot of people own and my friend just bought a 2015 fiesta st.

Mark Batarina says:

for 25 grand, I'd buy a used C63 AMG

lol, I love my FiST

Thomas May says:

For 25 id get the fiesta

Jt Braun says:

I would throw the Mini S into the mix here as well

Chabert Garmin says:

looks cool but ford lost me when I bought a focus and the thing had engine, transmission, and O2 sensor problems after a fews years. my honda has far exceeded my expectations however.

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