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Ford Fiesta ST v Mitsubishi Colt CZT – Shoot-Outs

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Which baby hot hatch is quickest round our track?

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Dennis says:

144p fok off

xorkatoss says:

why pick a gray czt? best color on a czt is black just saying 🙂

Mitch F says:

Remap the colt and it'll fuck the ST up lol

Sai Manideep B says:

You always crown Brit cars.

vincentAD says:

fiesta all day long no contest woops it! the colt is a womens car!

julianlee2 says:

well…7 years on…the colt doesnt look as outdated or odd out like the fiesta ST

taff_G1 says:


RKE Photography says:

Can't wait to get my st! Finally get to upgrade from my 1ltr Corsa, and from what i've heard online, they're great little cars.

MrGrimpeeper says:

This is the Ford Fiesta ST and this is Mitsubishi Colt CZT and this video is made of one pixel

chester charlie says:

6 grand??? you mean 600 quid. And its a 2.0L ST vs a 1.5L 'TURBO' Colt. Don't forget that their are many 2.0L turbo cars around nowadays that produce 350+ BHP stock standard so the colt is only playing with whats possible – I bet that thing could push alot more power out with a bit tinkering. The ST does take alot of money to start getting some extra worthwhile power out of it but reputable after market suppliers say that its good for 200BHP without any modding to the rest of the engine.

chester charlie says:

Having had a Fiesta ST for a while now and is completely stock, I love it, it drives well and feels really responsive. If you TICKLE it around town you can easily get 32-34+MPG, on the motorway you will easily get into the 45-50 MPG mark. Giving it some beans around the B-roads, MPG drops to 20 or less and its a really satisfying ride, it feels safer than its peers and cost-to-grin factor is astounding. It isn't in the league of a Type R or other 200 BHP rides buts it fantastic fun. Underrated.

Georgeyboy Lawrence says:

If I was to buy any of those two cars, It would have to be the mitsubishi, Sorry Ford. But I used to think that fords were good cars, Oh dear!

AidanXD10 says:

thinking of getting the St as a second car. Its fast, looks sporty and the interiors niceish. shame the MOG isnt great and the engine is nothing to sing about

Matty2023 says:

Fiesta St all day long not no tin can

zvonkoborko says:

Back in 2006 I wanted to buy Fiesta ST! But when I sat in CZT and took it for a test ride I realized how much nicer that car was for driver. Better seats, modern dashboard design, more room inside and it looked so youthful! On the road it had so much more power from below! BUT it had to soft suspension!I solved that problem with installing harder and lower springs! Today it drives througt curves like devil himself! And I would change it for Fiesta double ST….

Teo Gorgievski says:

I love the colt..its a little car..nobody will expect it to go fast..but you ' ll smoke the kids in the hood.. 😀

CartoonFace says:

my girlfreind has the fiesta ST the one that you see on your screen ^^ she nearly died when she saw in to here XD

James Welburn says:

@EvoPower2010 Don't forget the Turbo and the fact is was well over 1 second slower per lap.

MrChoppington says:

@xtitchy69x i have an x reg focus with no rust that has been outside it's while life, therefore you are full of shit

Alex Mason says:

id have the colt ralliart

xtitchy69x says:

colt is alot better fords are shit and rust when there 9 years old

DAZ605 says:

LOL Fiesta Has 2L Engine with 150 ..Colt's 1.5L Has 147 , Plus Colt is 6 grand less and has the same perfomance

Panayiotis Prod says:

@mageac This is just a button…I am saying with just one button i can beat that ford any day!

Kovacs Cristian says:

@mageac . He is saying that this test is not accurate because all colts can turn off the TC (but the european version does not have a button to do so) – even
With a remap, the fiesta gains 15 hp, while the colt gains 30 hp and that's just one example. Everyone knows that modifying an aspirated engine is way more expensive and the power gains are lower than modifying a turbo car.

steve gillard says:

give me the fiesta st any day

mageac says:

@panaprod so your saying if it was modded enough it would win….

i can say the same thing about a scooter….

Panayiotis Prod says:

@mageac i have a colt czt and i can turn it off my friend with just a little trick..so esp off plus turbo plus light weight and bye bye ford..

Atmos says:

He's like James Bond driving a Colt.

антон смольский says:

ебанный дед со своим фордом . у меня кольт 1992 1.6двиг от 0-100 5.5 сек . форды даже 16клап зетеки макс от 0-100 7-8 сек .. с заводской комплектацией .. сука пиздабол дед

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