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Ford Fiesta ST vs Peugeot 208 GTi vs Renault Clio RS – Auto Express

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Alex Jackson says:

3 stars and is the most fast

Marcos H. Ary says:

Great test!

Brinsley Sargent says:

I get that different people will like different things. Personally,I bought a 208 GTI. I felt that it was the best all-rounder. Comfortable ride, whilst still being sporty. I feel you just see too many Fiestas, and with being a heavier car it didn't actually return as high MPG. The renault clio I almost immediately disregarded due to not being able to have a proper manual gearbox. I like a clutch and gear stick, and the whole feeling of changing gear, and people have all been saying the gearbox in a clio is woeful. I wouldn't say it was or wasn't, but personally I just prefer a manual.

What did you all actually buy and why? (And please, no ford fanboys calling me an idiot for buying the 208 and saying "fieshta iz best coz iz ford bruv!")

Dervish says:

I've test driven the Fiesta ST with my pregnant wife as passenger – no deal. I then drove the Peugeot and she absolutely loved it. Things that nobody speaks about is comfort, space and visibility. Peugeot was fantastic. Also the interior makes you feel special, unlike the Fiesta. Not going to drive the Clio as manual is the only way to do it. Will be purchasing the Peugeot in the next few weeks.

paul blaylock says:

depends what u want just about every person thats reviewed the little st says its the best car of the 3 i test drove the rs liked it alot but also drove the st 3 mountune 215 has alot of kit more power more torque ford approved up grade still cheaper than the rs ! rs interior is better overall but apart from the seats which are nicer in the st ! the little fiesta is what a hot hatch should be fun to drive and pretty quick thats why i own one

Persyann says:

Did the driver in the fiesta really shift that bad or do I need glasses? it looks like he loses alot on the other 2 everytime he shifts while the clio and 208 seem to shift smoother.

Ben Franklin says:

Clio rs all day

raul correa garcia says:

Hi ,Wich City did you do this very good Test in? Thank you

liam richardds says:

i can get either of the three good milage same price (about 21k dollar, 250000 rand in south africa). i would be in traffic alot. which to buy?

michael brogan says:

Fiesta is the hottest hatch on the market

lcw1980 says:

Being actually a person that has test driven both…the FiST compared to 208gti
doesnt have:
Sat Nav with Color HD lcd panel
Cruise control
Panoramic window
leather dash imho the FIST interior look like a KIA due to liberal use
of cheap plastic
real spare wheel but a space saver. rear seats that fold all the way
motion activated alarm
5years warranty
200hp 275Nm torque (raise it to 240hp 325Nm with racechip pro 2 mod

the 208 steering height is adjustable so dials visibility is a non
issue. also if you're not as skilled as tiff you wont notice a handling

FiST has a better traction control system and voice command activated
audio equipment. the rest is no different from a modern keyless entry
Price wise about the same. But ford dealers are pushing a 2014 FiST onto
me as opposed to a 2016 208gti from peugeot. So fuck FORD

Mr Mouldii says:

put the 208 gti by Peugeot Sport on and she will beat the clio and the fiesta.

Tomas Nirian says:

algún día lo voy a tener Renault clio RS

tino matic says:

i find under and oversteer fun

Colnavyman says:

Sterile review. Watch fifth gears review 'tiny little fighters', with real racing drivers who also possess a bit of personality & enthusiasm. They aren't bothered that they have fluked a job &  the need to appear cool. They can drive, have proven records and should be listened to..


I like Peugeot's but please stop going on about the 205 … We've moved on!!

Seagal Fan says:

Embarrassing fact) My mate has a peugeot 208 GTI same as this little rocket here, We decided to have a rolling sprint from 60mph to 115 mph My ford focus 2.0 zetec  TDCI wiped the floor with it and only has 136hp But 320 nm of torque is what counts mostly on overtaking.  Anyway still a nice car!

Nelson Chung says:

I love my clio

08turboSS says:

Wow, the Fiesta ST's driver didn't seem to know how to shift gears at all, clearly.

michael sullivan says:

Im looking to buy a new car, these are what I'm looking at. The ones here are top in the range, and are well more more than I can afford, wish they tested what the average person can afford. I was looking at the Peugeot 208, 1.2 or 1.4 unleaded and 3 door version I've got the 207 now and had Clio before that. I loved my Clio and so regretted letting it go.

IceFIsh says:

I had to settle on buying a 120tce clio gt tourer as the bloody R.S costs best part of 32,000 euros so no £20k aint a lot at all they all cheap in uk imo

barkat djamel says:

as always american do support there product Ford , come on 208 GTi is he best then Clio RS then fiesta ST

B007 says:

I've driven all 3. I dont do track days. Best in real world usage is the 208 GTi. It's a car for mature petrolheads. Rides like a 508 on the motorway and yet still spritely if you push it on the B roads. Brake fade is not a big issue, change your brake lines to steel braided hoses and problem solved.

Joshua D'Oliveiro says:

I'd have the Pug.

david kirk says:

Ford is definitely the most fun car on a twisty and well made road but try driving it to work every day on roads with pot holes and speed bumps and you soon get sick of it. 208 Gti is by far the best. How often are you going to go round corners on the road at the limits of grip? almost never, but how often are you going to drive to work, to the shops, to your mates house and want to be comfortable and have some fun squirting the throttle on the straights? every day.

Sally McKay says:

If you were to specify the spec levels you get with a peugeot 208 gti with that of a ford fiesta st you would be paying about the same amount. Plus the residual values of the 208 gti are 20% higher after 3 years and 36000 miles then that of the fiesta st. For me the peugoet 208 gti is definitely at the top of it class, for being the best real world car

Martin Edwards says:

What annoys me about this is that it doesn't appear to be a fair evaluation of the statistical side of the test. The 0-62 times and the drag race. they are all be driven by a different driver with different skill levels, it would only be equal if the same driver  was tested the times for them all. As an owner of the Fiesta ST i can safely say that it is a fantastic car to drive around the city and on motorways, plus I've had 50mpg from it driving sensibly. Gets a lot of attention wherever i go too. 

TourdeFrance20131 says:

if you look at the specs of the Fiesta I would rather go for the old CLIO WILLIAMS 2.0 16v     

TourdeFrance20131 says:

personally I like the looks of the Peugeot.   its just gorgious

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