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Ford Focus Crash Test

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FIlmed at Millbrook Proving Ground in their crash test lab using a psc unit and mulitple high speed cameras shooting at 1000fps for the crash.

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Sebastián Flores says:

I think Jonny has british accent. It sounds very well. ¿Can anybody tell me what kind of English does he speak?. Thanks a lot. I'm from Argentina.

алексей пупкин says:

Ес ес криворукий покус

Chuttlely says:

I wonder about a side impact?

PartyWolf11Official says:

Those mirrors on that type of focus are Stull nicer ones then the ones on my 2002 Ford focus zx5 . Why couldn't they put foldable mirrors on a the more expensive model of the focus ?

Reby Perkins says:

They say that they need to decide which is safer, the front or the back. But what if the collision impacts the back and the boot just compacts near the passengers. Neither the front of the back is safe.

Sarı Pençe says:

adamın logosunda geri vites yok aga.

Fede Martos says:

Poor Focus…?

14725800369 says:

There's something wrong with the footage. At 3:02 there's a windscreen at 3:06 there's none and at 3:09 again there's one

zaneta iskrzynska says:

poor buddy. i'll kill you for that. i hate you.

Planteczka says:

I experienced such head-on collision. This is a really solid car.

mega ultra archie says:

American cars are the best European cars are shit

nomad9 says:

Why haven't 4 point harnesses been introduced if they're safer?

FollowingRoadts says:

Just drive safe and be aware of surroundings.

Anthony Von Spreckelsen says:

Hmm… wouldn't it be better if every one just drove motorcycles? I've heard many stories of people hitting over the 270km mark and are still alive today cause they know how to handle a machine… but here we all are having accidents at 60 miles a hour with airbags fitted cause people know they can fuck up and not half care.. playing with the radio is the biggest distraction and being on a phone in a car… im not saying people dont die on motorcycles im sure 80% of the cases the motorcycles was inexperienced or doing something very stupid.. its just logic you know what im saying.. i hate driving today so many brain deads on the road.

SicaSTaR says:

When he unleashed an air bag on the right and broke the windscreens

boo bye says:

…And thats all the focus is good for!

Omar Smith says:

I literally drive this car. Thought it performed better than this.

Professional Cunt says:

The test didn't fit the scenario. Crashing into a solid wall at 50mph is a whole lot more serious than crashing into a stationary car at the same speed.

SteelCity1981 says:

you can't have front facing airbags in a rear seat, unless you get rid of the recline feature in the front seats. so ford came up with a workaround for this problem and added airbags in the rear seatbelt instead. now it's not like a front airbag but it helps reduce whiplash.

Ame Nightcore says:

"Might make you think about where you and your loved ones sit in the car"… well if i'm'driving I don't really have a choice of where I sit haha

Yvonne Sanchez says:

I now evreteting abaot cash test

L wheeler says:

why does he look so tall compared to the car

Sammi Burt says:

I was in a crash as a child around 50mph into a brick wall. I was sat in he back behind the driver and remember hitting my chin on my knees thankfully walked away with nothing but a bad fear of cars that I still suffer from

MrSupercar55 says:

Really? Well… SHOTGUN!!!!!!!!!!

jake4692010 says:

I have a 2000 ford focus 5 speed lx love the car compared to both of my older zx2s

Aaron Moody says:

did everyone just totally miss the fact the drivers seatbelt failed to lock allowing the driver to go forward much more than he should have gone no wonder he slammed his ribs against the lower steering wheel

Gary Plastek says:

I have a Focus I bought brand new in 2003, and here we are in 2016, and other than normal wear and tear haven't put any money into this car.

Hello Hi says:

The question is would you rather break your feet and ribs or scratch your shoulder?

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