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Ford Focus RS RS500 Optimus In Pursuit Of Perfection.mov

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RS Direct demo car project Optimus, Fast Ford featured currently the only extensively modifed Focus RS500 in the world, thanks for viewing

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giwrgos vassos says:

the best car … !

ano nym says:

A DREAM !!!!!!!!!!

Diego Azevedo says:

Top.. Very good!!

iMorTal936 says:

Sick i got the same car gonna try to make it look like this ??

Rap é minha vida says:

Iae seus malukus

Alex says:

Тонировки нехватает по кругу!

Cesar Morales says:

model year Please ?

Charlie Times says:

Sweet ride!

Nathan Wenning says:

Amazing car but horrible video editing, cut the music and let us hear the beast!!! Show more of the video then the constant 360 of this rare beauty, stop teasing us

stephen myers says:

where was that filmed plse.

Heatseeker872591 says:

That could easily pass batman test for a batmobile

pupper says:

Great car, how long did it take you to complete?


very nice congratulations!

Robson Silva says:

Batman, Batman, Batman!

boo bye says:

Thats one ugly volvo!

Niclas Backhaus says:

where did u get the carbon for the front lights? thats awesome

Victor Laguna says:

That RS is freakin' Badass.. I'm hoping to Blackout my ZX3.

Philippe Berthomé says:

Super car ;o)
But what is the music used?

Teevon Cordier says:

that's one great car right there…I don't know how many times I played this video…man your car is on point..?????..everything is great..on it

plowize says:

I love fords well done

falouchelo says:

the music kill the sound….. car is fucking retard, i need one

Sami Tuomisto says:

Why the exhaus pipes are so small? I think they shoud be like 500mm diameter. Lol!….

J0k3R Anon says:

Mega nice….

Floppy Dodo says:

How much would one of these set me back, stunning car!

Chris Baker says:

I just want one right now

Gang Bang says:

Music is ass

dorian james says:

How about the interior

Lucía Lagrieta says:

dat car bro

leonard bullhock says:

A bit more music and we wouldn't hear the car at all. Same old youtube.

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