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Ford Focus RS Showdown – Golf R, STI, Evo X – Everyday Driver

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The Focus RS is a car of expectation and history, but it drops into a market that does have excellent competition. We gathered the three other AWD, 300hp cars available for around $40k, and went to a favorite road in search of fun. That means we dusted off an Evo X to stand alongside the Golf R and enduring STI in this showdown with the shiny new, nitrous blue, RS.

Rarely have we been this excited for a comparison. And after driving them back to back, the results were not what we expected.

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adam chapman says:

The Ford Focus RS open block it,s bad on head gaskets my friend has one and he love it the head gasket went but it was covered with warranty. He still love the car don,t no what he is going to do wen the warranty is up.

Vincent Simelane says:

On my humble Opinion… Evo will always be a legend .. yes technology wise will be behind…. i will go for the RS .. that thing is so hot and fast and just #Subaru fan

Ben Chesterman says:

s208 with 242kw is 6,300,000 yen . I doubt Subaru will sell a wrx sti with 360hp for under 50k

Ben Chesterman says:

focus rs is same price as wrx sti in Australia , the gearbox is better in wrx sti

Dog dog says:

RS if you’re a girl for sure. Shit looks girly as hell

Carmelo Santini says:

What about the 3 series GT?

25037962 says:

35 k a budget for most people local RIGHT WAKE UP


SUBBED!! SO MUCH PASSION FROM YOU GUYS!!! No biased "company paid" perspectives. Simply "out of pocket" point of views from you guys. RESPECT.

LuckyCharm25 X says:

I'll take the EVO X

Crixus says:

Mustang guy, but give me the Subie any day of the week.

Krzysztof Gawryś says:

still not going to replace my EX with filthy ford

Alex Trepanier says:

Sti in hyperblue is soooooo hot

Nagy Szilard says:

Head gasket failure in the focus rs is a shame.

Conor says:

“The Golf R has one of the fastest transmissions in the world, but we’re gonna use this slow as shit manual because we’re retarded”

Ali JCW says:

I think the Focus is the clear winner here. I've had a huge affection for Subarus over the years but in my opinion Ford has simply put more effort into the RS than what Subaru has put into the STI. And for me it shows. The Golf R is fast but just not exciting. I wouldn't get up early to take it for a drive like I would the STI or RS.

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