Ford Focus RS: So Easy To Drift Your Mum Can Do It? – Carfection

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The new Ford Focus RS is a brilliant car, and we love its drift mode. It makes doing skids so easy Alex reckoned his mum could do it. So we took her to a track to find out…


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Attila Khan says:

WTF a Ford means that ; jajaja :))

Tony Bundy says:

He brought his mum!

Milixyron says:

"even yo' mum" sounds like an insult xD

Eternity says:

That is NOT a drift lmao

Recep Görkem says:

to be honest this car is perfect

Jacob Kunnassery says:

to be fair, conditions were already wet. In dry heat, takes a little bit more "umph." Nonetheless, if she can do it (through torque alone), then I agree that anyone can do it in this car.

Oliver Dunn says:

0:57 every weekend mate

Daumex says:

She closes her eyes in every sharp turn! 😀

Dominic Paulazzo says:

Powerslide* neither of you drifted

Makaveli says:

Lol my mother closes her eyes like yours when i drive too fast

crazygamers says:

1:48 his mom- shut off…….. and backkk onn???

Ben 403 says:

i start to laugh when she say 'its lovely' hahaha


Those are not drift.. its power over at a corner exit, even a fwd peugot can do that..

PP says:

Damn, this guy on the beginning look like Chester Charles Bennington (ex. Linking Park vocalist)

JKxGaming says:

5:56 my mum can't even reverse a car let alone drifting

Dom956 says:

More of a power slide than drift

Jullez T says:

Is it just me or does he sound similar to Richard Hammond

Kevin Osullivan says:

when are you showing the drift part?

Jordan Berry says:

Yes, she can drift after a drifting instructor, super wet track, and a drift button all come into play.

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