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Ford Focus RS vs Nissan GT-R – Autocar.co.uk

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New Focus RS takes on the might of the GT-R. For more Ford news and reviews visit http://www.autocar.co.uk/ford/ and for Nissan news and reviews visit http://www.autocar.co.uk/nissan/

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Peter benn pan says:

Buttertubs pass?

Warriors blew A 3-1 lead says:

Ford rs sucks

John Wilkes says:

This video is before the introduction of the 2017 all wheel drive 2.3 turbo RS

leonard bullhock says:

Pointless test on a public road. It could have been any well sorted hot hatch. Civic/Renault etc. take your pick.

ErenArıcanVevo TR says:


Theologian2000 says:

The narrator at the end of the report……………………full of BS

Vinay Kumar says:

so Autocar recommends ford over GTR, lol

Shalao Faraj says:

Why the hell you compere ford to a GTR

Farhan B says:

I am looking forward to the next skyline gt-r. if it ever comes back..

winzfeld1 says:

Dafuq, leaving the focus on straight parts

J Mar says:

"This" comparison needs to be updated for 2016! Nismo GTR /Focus RS

Thomas GLover says:

How many fucking times is this cunt guna say "this" already!

crazyowie says:

GT-R haters use words like: passion, confidence, beauty, 'its a nissan' as arguments.. dude actually im not mad, they are telling us that the GT-R raped every other car in races and in prices. We hare happy with it. Only a Porsche 991 can make it hard for the Godzilla, till the battery's going to die, then the Porsche will see 4 rings.

James Smith says:

2:33 says it all. Left for dead out of that corner.

alleycat19897 says:

David vs. Goliah

billybob999100 says:

2:28, enough said.


Only pussy would say GTRs are scary. Come on u don't gain confidence in a Spec V GTR?? Fuck the hot hatch.

Moreira Da Lima says:

What the guy on the video says is true, i've driven the RS and hold to the floor giving u confidence. I bet you push hard the gtr on a curvy road and en in hell.

mcokgo says:

2 awesome Cars !!! <3

Molineux88 says:

'I just can't drop Andrew in the focus behind' , then skip to 2:33. Looks like it to me.

Molineux88 says:

how these two cars can even be compared is, quite frankly, beyond me. 

anes tt says:

of course the gtr is fast

Christian mrclep says:

Hate then ppl call the GT-R a Supercar.. It´s a sportscar!

xboxboban says:

Do they know how to drive on street.

Nagy Szilard says:

 On those backroads, throw in an evo x fq 400 and it will be better and faster than the GTR.

Italiamo Cars says:


Nelson Fastbender says:

1:54 you sure your driving a skyline mate? 😀

Daniel Rush says:

Damn you Ford! Please make the RS available in the states. Fair trade, UK get the new Mustang for 2015 (which is going to be a block buster hit), the states should get the RS!

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