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Ford Focus RS vs Renault Megane RS

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Ford Focus RS vs Renault Megane RS

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pacome bonnefortune says:

ford victory tours

Altay usluoglu says:


taff_G1 says:

put them both on a track and the focus will get its fat arse a good whipping

shauncgriffiths says:

yh but megane selling for 9k atm with dam good reviews,rs 18k atm with good reviews….i knw which id have plus a nice 8/9k in bank :p

shauncgriffiths says:

Lol just take the megane to renault,spend 500 quid and the result be totally totally different 😀

Kenan Kaya says:

Megane ile focus u kiyasliyorsunuz ne kadar saçma birisi boku reno diğeri ise ford

lolo jardi says:

Et la même course au nurbugring avec la megane Rs trophy 275???
Ben la Ford prend une fessée!!!

Brioit Nathan says:

Ahah sauf qu'au premier virage la focus décole !

vulcanproject says:

Also, as for the power arguments it's a simple explanation. The RS by regulation has to run on 95 RON fuel, but it's clearly a super unleaded car. When it is tested on 95 RON it'll only make about 270bhp, but when it runs on 98 RON (or better) it'll make over 290bhp. You should pretty much always use the higher octane fuel on this sort of modern performance car anyway really.

vulcanproject says:

The RS has dat 5 cylinder engine and sound….you can easily replicate the performance from a little Megane tuning but you don't quite get the event of driving the Focus or the soundtrack. Everybody looks at an RS and comments, nobody noticed the Megane I drove for a weekend.

ADKJD says:

Focus RS ftw

Aaron G says:

el del Renault Megane no sabia manejar, el focus no sirve, y el Renault aunque es RS es un modelo viejo.

kaitracid75 says:

Ford Power ! └㋡┘

boywithcamera7 says:

@Kinky Minky
i see what you did there

Pierre says:

La ligne droite ça veut dire quoi ?? rien !! c'est sur petites routes ou sur circuit qu'il faut les comparer !! et puis il y a aussi le plaisir de conduite ….

Couragedu00 says:

mdrr il relâche l'accélérateur la Mégane est bien meilleur Made in France Renault champion du monde 

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