Ford Focus RS with More Power, Electric Hennessey Venom, New Honda Civic Coupe – Fast Lane Daily

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Japan gives the ok on some patents for a sportier BRZ and Scion FR-S, Hennessey may make an electric version of its hypercar, and the new Honda Civic Coupe is headed to LA! Also, it’s Friday the 13th, so that means you’re lucky enough to know you’re getting a new edition of RAPid Fire News! That and more all today right here on Fast Lane Daily! Hosted by your boy, Derek D!

Kid getting yelled at for driving reckless:

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Chris Gardner says:

the civic type R will have a little over 300 ponies and over 280 pounds feet of twistage! My ninja!

Connor Falb says:

Is the honda R even coming to the US next year? I heard it wasn't

Reid C. says:

the video was taken down :'/

Dayton Sander says:

The definition of molest is to pester someone

STYLES: Conejo VS SillyCon says:

Derek D just gets better and better. Smart male goofball, shoe in for the Daily Show or at least a portion of it.

Nathaniel Malanoski says:

Yes the type r will be able to contend

SPC Caldwell, Bret W. says:

#fldqofthed yes

James Morrissey says:

Nice RFNews! I like the come back

Jugo Take says:

Civic Type R better be faster than that potentially special edition ford focus

NileshR12 says:

#FLDQoftheD I think that the Civc Type R will definitely be able to compete with the Focus RS & the Golf R. I think it'll probably have 375 horsepower.

Mohawk C says:

250 HP would be great in BRZ or FRS. AWD would be nice too but then the price would be $10,000 more so just buy yourself a used WRX or STI.

Mohawk C says:

Civic won't compete with the RS. So my answer is NO!

HojozVideos says:

Im getting audio desync

Wtrxprs007able says:

Lol that kid looked like he was on some shit.

WorldPeace2016 says:

Type R, what What WhatTT!?!?!?!!

Kaisuke971 says:

Who could've guessed what happened that day, Friday the 13th of November 2015…

RoboTekno says:

D@mn it, the video of the 'reckless kid' is gone 🙁
Anyone got another link?

jdm family says:

Dear FastLaneDaily: I've been a fan of your show for the past 2 1/2 years, and honestly I've this show has gone from great to good, hopefully it doesn't go to just OK show. I don't mean to be rude but I bet I'm not the only one who has noticed this. How you may ask.. well since the year began you have stop going to Auto Shows, no FLD Nights, you haven't done street specials and you haven't done specials during the summer like you said, we the fans gave you lots of ideas and we didn't see none of our ideas. Why do you ask us to send you ideas if you are gonna ignore them., just like this comment. oh come on FLD! Also why not include new segments, maybe test them every other week, hey us "Fast Fans" might like them. Like: 'What Grinds Your Gears' we tell you things we don't like on the road, what people do while driving or act while driving, not exactly that but you get the picture. Another segment could be like: 'Guess That Car' like you did with Chevy Colorado a while back. I have no complaints about you guys, it's about the show. My bad if my comment sounds rude. Big shout out to all the FLD crew.

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