Ford GT + Koenigsegg CCX-R / Ausfahrt zum Saisonabschluss 2012

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Christopher Mills says:

What an incredible display of irresponsible, nit-wit driving.

Jeffo Jon J says:

..Thee best 20mins of my youtube life!
Masterpiece …einfach hammer !!

Clayton Perrin says:

Finally stupid music done around 14:00

Clayton Perrin says:

Music sucks!! sounds like gay disco shit!

i sch says:

Great cars, but the drivers are fearful.

fourfortyroadrunner says:

The music  is horrid  and the  remaining  sound   from the road and cars  is  an  insult.

LastLegeon says:

I have to report this video. The GTaninal is a serial killer and must be locked in garage. Ferraris and lambos must be safe then!

Modern Slave says:

nice video, but without music would be much much better….can not hear engine sound….

LJKanal says:

No Way!! I have never seen a road like this. 90% super cars… Carrera GT, XJ220, Labo's, GTR's. WTF is this? Can someone tell me the name of the road pls, i guess its in Germany rigth!?

unexplained wearenotalone says:

2 car is good Koenigsegg make now best car in the world faster and Ford have name is old mother or father what u call no matter is beast 2 car respect

adrianlittlechurch says:

They are brothers. They have FORD engines.

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