Ford GT: The Return to Le Mans (Full Documentary) | Ford

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In 1966, Ford won the 24 Hours of Le Mans* and it was a defining moment in Ford’s race history. The Ford GT race car’s** triumphant return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans and simultaneous development of the Ford GT supercar are highlighted in the documentary, “The Return.”

*24 Hours of Le Mans® is a registered trademark.
**Professional drivers shown on a closed course. Do not attempt.

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Ford GT: The Return to Le Mans (Full Documentary) | Ford


Falcar Deckion says:

Ken Miles was smiling down on the GT crossing the finish line that day. What a great documentary you folks put together.

Kalle Sundqvist says:


Michael Bruchas says:

A good race!

Boss MAN MCE says:

My favourite car Ford GT
great documentary

OIF/OEF-0341 says:

I wish Ford was this passionate with its Grass Roots guys that race their cars. I'm still a Ford fan for life tho.

Shemison Jeffs says:

I love the ford gt and hope to own one some day

Jeffrey Graves says:

Awesome documentary. Thank you!!!

Dr Bendover says:

but in La Mans 2020?

twissted says:

Ok you had your fun now drop a twin turbo V8 please.

Jon B says:

Fix On Race Day… and win!

James Bowman says:

That was awesome !

David Tigert says:

How much for a electric mustang?

Steve Dhi says:

Ricky Carmichael was a racer….

Aeternalis Armentarius says:

That is why there will always be a Ford in my driveway. I own 3 currently. I have owned 6 total. Still have my first car which was a Ford Maverick. It has a 5.2L Coyote/custom cams(locked out) throttle body injection/custom intake. 4r75w built transmission. Custom 8.8 rearend. 13 inch frt and 12inch rear. 8 and 9 x17 inch rims …2 sets…one set is toyo rs888 other are Nitto Drag radials rear matching non drag radial… A small 150 shot of NAWS…. It is still not finished but is torn apart for paint… Being painted Ford Blue flame metallic. CarbonFiber cowl hood…custom rear spoiler…custom grill…custom side stripes…. Certainly not how it was when I got it in 1992 for $500 booger green with black vinyl top….anemic 200 strait 6 and 3 speed slush box….Go Ford

Buff Barnaby says:

GT 40 most desirable American car.

Flat Plane Snake says:

At that point, Ferraris goal was to keep Ford from repeating history and capturing the 1st 2nd and 3rd positions.

silverspear21 says:

66' Le mans/Ford v Ferrari made me realize I should never get rid of my RS. I would only want to be filthy rich to be able to buy a GT. (and maybe a koenigsegg 🙂 )

Louie Garcia says:


Brian E says:

Made me cry dammit

Peter Lisyak says:

What an achievement, 1966 and again 50 years later on the first try

Lorraine Lee says:

This is a logical evolution of an Iconic Americana Automobile . It's so like FORD to lead the way in this new frontier of electric automobiles.

Chad Jackson says:

they were pressed for time because the le mans car started with a mustang concept not a ford GT. They could have taken the Zetec platform which was used in F1 and did a v8 at the same weight. Nobody wants a Ford GT with a lousy v6 that barely beats the lamborghini v12 in fuel economy. But Ford made like 1/2 the cars they made in 05/06 and sold them to rich "influencers" instead of real fans of the gt40. Ford should have made a few updates to the 05/06 car and raced it. It WAS raced in the gt350 category if I recall and had some success, even a podium finish. They should have sold 50,000 of them to the public at 100k and THAT would have been an homage to the 50 year anniversary of the gt40. Not this hypercar version that really doesnt do the gt40 name justice.

The Bronx Pops ! says:

I’m a Te_la fan , but I have to bow down to Ford , all american story great history , wouldn’t be the Ford company

David White says:

I was there when they did it. Great film, great event, June 2020 can’t come soon enough.

Tyson John Dawidowski says:

Thank you everyone at Ford this is an amazing story and the Ford family is incredible

The Ford GT is my favourite racing car!! It's an amazing car.
Thank you for the passion you have given us with this amazing car.
From a die hard true blue Ford fan and owner ❤️👍

Kareem Kirton says:

This was an amazing achievement on Ford's end.

Mr. Plascencia says:

I'm confused who really won this race because on the website is saying that Porsche won

Sami Reyes says:

May ken miles soul Rest In Peace

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