Ford GT40 (Heffner GT-1000) vs Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

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Assassin'S_153 bryan_153 says:

Wow ..old ford gt 1000

Tricky says:

Crazy how even with a shit driver, GT still won lol

RockandRoll says:

LOVE THAT FORD! all day long!!!!!


что за тупые комментарии?

Ana Carla Azevedo Navarro says:

I am from Brazil!!! I love these car videos, especially classic ones like the gt40

Ислам Амерханов says:

С мусорки взяли комментаторов ???

b0zay says:

lambo cheated at the start

Дмитрий Осипенко says:

Эх… Так грустно стало. Уже 10 лет… Будь счастлив на небесах…

Syed Nazeer says:

Its called come from behind win

Cinnamon Babka says:

And the winner is: :17 just right of center. She's even holding her fingers up to let everyone know.

Elki Palki 932 says:

Чёрный Ауди 😂😂😂

s25117 says:

I would like to see LP-640 vs Aventador

Tomi Ang says:

Fast like a bullet

Ilya Muravyov says:

Меньше, чем через месяц 2020 год!
Что я тут делаю?!

BJ luvit says:

I think I would be trading that Lambo in and buying a GT 🏁

R-III-R Turbo says:

Lambo cheating bastard

Andreas Johnsson says:

What time did the Lamborghini got?

RockandRoll says:

Ford is the BEST!!! LOVE those GT's!!!

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