Ford mustang Diesel with 3 turbos!!

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This video was taken in Moulton, Alabama Dirty Lenz Photography.


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Best thing ever done with a mustang!
#Cummins #TriTurbo #Rocket

john smith says:

Can we plz get this guy on street outlaws ??????????????

Brandon Suitters says:

It was going so fast that my tablet was lagging

JKU lab says:

video starts at 1:08

Disloyal Dashie says:

That's fucking Junk ! a diesel mustang that's gay diesels are junk !

Sirens says:

*recorded on an android device*

shyne1o1 says:

Discussant r.i.p. to the ozone.

Dex C says:

Cumstang lol

DIY Auto Repairs says:

Dam 7.3 in mustang would be nice

J Dogali says:

What was the time?

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