Ford Mustang GT vs McLaren 720S vs Mercedes-AMG C63S Coupe

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This time I have filmed a yellow wrapped Ford Mustang GT ‘taxi edition’ in action on the drag strip racing against other cars, like a McLaren 720S, Mercedes-AMG C63S Coupe, Porsche Cayman GT4, Porsche 991 GT3 RS and more! Enjoy the video!

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Taycan 964 says:

Mustang loses everything

junio maranhão says:


Katyuska Oca says:

el mustang es una mierda

Wim Frans says:


VENOMENE Games says:


AndrzejKaktus23 says:

I always knew that mustang is shit

MegaGotThatPancake says:

That mustang is epic and it’s also the henessey mustang!

Ryan's C says:

It's Bumblebee Vs Stinger!

devlin van roon says:

Every other car is tuned and upgraded

Nazar Ukolov says:

Это бревно а не мустанг

Kerem Babayew says:

Sary taksi vartolu geçirmesene sary taksi

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