Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400: One-Of-A-Kind Prototype | Mustang | Ford Performance

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Anything you can do, we can do electric. Introducing the all-electric Mustang Mach-E 1400: a one-of-a-kind all-electric prototype developed in collaboration with RTR Vehicles, targeting 1,400 peak horsepower and more than 2,300 lb. of downforce.* Vaughn Gittin Jr. puts the vehicle to the test against Ken Block, Chelsea DeNofa, Hailie Deegan, and Joey Logano.

*Based on manufacturer calculation using computer engineering simulations.


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Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400: One-Of-A-Kind Prototype | Mustang | Ford Performance
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Gregory Mungo says:

i already like the sound.. lol..

LucidLegend84 says:

Young kids: "Are tired fighters real?"

Me: "All the old stories are true!"

Bryan Roschetzky says:

The sound from that electric motor is mind blowing – can't wait for ice cars to be completely gone!!!! And never smell that exhaust cancer smell ever again and then we can have real men fun!

Andrew E Jesse says:

Give me that car!!!

IDont LikeTraps says:

Dont disrespect the Hoonicorn

Lenny Staats says:

This will never be a mustang, they shpuld have never called it that. Honestly itll probably stop making it or they'll rebrand it into something else.

Tech Wizard says:

This isn’t a mach e! This is a mach reeeeeeeeeee

Alex says:

Bravo Ford Performance!

Anthony Wolf says:

I don’t care how cool this video is I must dislike for this new “Mustang” is a dishonor to its family and tribe.

fre rod says:

Imagine going with a mustang cobra to a custom shop an ask for a exhaust upgrade from

Josh Allen says:

Doesn't deserve the Mustang name

M H says:

Slow and ugly

Dr sleep says:

That's the sound my dentist's tool made when he performed some procedures on my tooth.🦅

Vaquero Mago says:

Ewwww Gross 🤢

Brayan Astronauta says:

Absolutely amazing 🤯 and I love its sound

M. wing tsun says:

This a new arrives to the mustang legend group , They designed it and named this( mustang) for tow reasons, 1- to sell it in easiest way
2 – because it shares the same power and the look with the regular Mustang
But honestly its amazing 👏 i like it
This is not a strange decision from ford company to add SUV with mustang as sport performance suv , because Lamborghini did the same with Urus

Stianofp says:

The future is now boomers.

_SashaPlay_ says:


Yoshi Esquire says:

Here we come 👍

Roy Shamir says:

Can we al call it mach- REEEEEEEEEEEEE?

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