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Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake – 750 Horsepower ROAD TEST

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I was lucky enough to get the keys to this awesome car and wanted to share my quick blast up this canyon road with any fellow gear heads. I’m just your average car lover that happened upon this great opportunity to wheel one of the fastest production Mustangs ever made! Chevy, Mopar or Ford guys should appreciate this car…750 Horsepower in a production street car is flat-out cool. Unfortunately my lack of skills don’t do this car justice on the road…but this video will give you a taste of the immense power, ferocious sounds and sexy yet menacing looks of this American muscle car.
Check out the other videos on my you tube channel… there are a few more road test videos with some great cars and build videos of my personal project vehicle, a 1970 Ford Maverick with a Dodge Viper V10 engine stuffed inside!
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Jason Lewis

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Fredy Primero says:

Does this mean is faster than my camry? I know, Just kidding!!!

Marlena Thornsbeary says:

Man I want this car!

Brandon Montenegro says:

Wow, woah, this cars really fast…. some car review buddy, I wish I had two more hands so I could give this video 4 thumbs down

kris hauenstein says:

my homegirl has the stage 3 with a 3.7 whipple. holy hell

Fomo Fud says:

Cool. Now get back to the Jeep

Mustang98 3919 says:

this car would look so much better and sound if it had quad exhaust with no muffler

30Days OfTheNight says:

silah silah fişek gibi makina???

destructoid666 says:

helll cat raper is the mustang supersnake

G2 CARROS says:

E aí, beleza?!

Percebí que tu admira veículos. Como tenho um canal onde eu pessoalmente desenvolvo e filmo, aqui dos Estados Unidos, testes de 0 – 100 Km, test-drive e verificações de automóveis como por exemplo o recentemente redesenhado Dodge Charger, o Hyundai Santa Fé, o mais recente Ford Edge, achei que podia te fazer um convite para comentar sobre alguns dos meus testes.

Por favor, peço que cheque o meu canal no YouTube e deixe a sua critica por intermédio de um comentário para que eu melhore a qualidade das avaliações.

O G2 Carros (G2C) agradece!

JustCruisinGT says:

Man that thing is so smooth. It's like an angry cave man in a tuxedo lol.

Putra Panca says:

750 hp it's almost like aventador

Emre ÇAKIR says:

Pretty good car this Mustang. And this Mustang is best of muscle car.

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