Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 SVT – Sound!

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I have filmed many Ford Mustangs, during a Cars & Coffee gathering in Irvine, California. You can see many different Mustangs, stock & tuned. Also in this video, the brand new Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 SVT with an astonishing 5.8L V8 supercharged 662HP engine.

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snvff xxx says:

1:50 that fake vent, lol

Djaks Oralbay says:

0:36 nice Shelby GT 500 cobra 🙂

Heng Lay says:

how many price

D K says:

muffstains are gay, so are the ppl driving them.

Gamer SeriosPlay says:

the best car in world

Jakub Rybak says:

My dream car

D'Angelo Raymond says:

Punk ass cops got ppl scared to peel out that bitch

MrTKOperformance says:

slow as fuck

Noah Bannister says:

Asshole cops ruining the fun

Dsn13 jcsn says:

This is my dream car

Gregori Quirós Dos Reis says:

Funny to see half of their cars without front plates and a police SUV in front of the parking exit ? hello future tickets?

Paul Grof says:


Krebs 2000 says:

love and live Mustangs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Mr. Ape says:

fuck these weak as foed mustangs

StrikeMinds says:

beautiful but useless sportcar….

Pep Abukas says:

'big boys' toy!

Raghu Vishal says:

hooooo way coll looking this all car

osvaldo sanchez says:

Nate1829 fuck you what do you drive a fucking skateboard hahaha.

mrmagnetsarecool says:

Oh God! Mustangs pulling out of car meets makes me cringe :/

Zeroxe moi says:

the bike have more sound ! 1:02

Mario Alvarez says:

Stupid pig should be looking for crime not waiting to give a burnout ticket

TIM says:

wouten verpesten het ook altijd

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