Ford Mustang V8 Sports Car 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews

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2017 Ford Mustang 4K review – Mat Watson

The Ford Mustang is an affordable sports coupe with an addictive soundtrack – get Mat Watson’s verdict with our full 4K review.

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carwow says:

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0908 BSH says:

main charactor sooooo yooooung!

Sg03 says:

its a dream

Carri Freight says:

I love mustang

Moue666 says:

Why are the taillights white and not red?

Fahad Saleem says:

2018s and above are 10 speeds and thats not a 10 speed lol.

yağız dede says:

mat's fast years

satisfied customer says:

FK you Matt, that car is Boss

Colin says:

A decade old BMW 335 can hit 60MPH in the same time, despite being down two liters, two cylinders and 120HP…

Sean Deisch says:

Big Mac is gross, maybe a T-Bone steak would be a better comparison.

Simon Moccia says:

this car with the 10-speed automatic transmission is simply amazing and fast as hell

Mike Riley says:

Any toys left in your pram Matt. Tiresome man. A distraction from the cars he reviews.

tom says:

hey, the plastic is hard touch in a lot of "inconvenient places" but guess what ? when I have my dog ridding around with me I'm very glad that the plastic is hard and not scratchable !! such as the upper part of the door , where he hangs out.

onepunch oldman says:

Maserati clone from McDonald

clampyou says:

France is not in NATO lol

C.I.A says:

This lowkey looks like a undercover Police Car

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