Ford Raptor vs Jeep Wrangler (Part 1): The Ultimate Off-Road Mashup Challenge

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The Ford SVT Raptor is the most off-road worthy truck you used to be able to buy in America. The Jeep Wrangler is the most off-road Jeep you can buy in America. So which one is the most off-road worthy vehicle in the land? In this TFLTruck Ultimate Mashup Off-Road Challenge we find out.

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nick Raber says:

I wheel harder going up my driveway. find a new road

Hung Lo says:

Not a jeep fan, but you'll never beat a Rubicon Jeep offroad.

GoldenBrandonHCrazler Hollo says:

Obviously the Wrangler won

AIucard HeIIfire says:

the most powerful truck he says ( flashing back to so many more stronger trucks) i dont want to scratch the paint (scratches on paint are just small battle scars for truck)

SYNc says:

Did you really need 4 low…

Dave Rogers says:

I use to drive my 84 tbird on worse roads than that.

Kim Jong Un says:

4:53 when the little boy walks out of the bathroom

jorjeeoe says:

“Except for the raptor”
Or the Range Rover
Or the humvee

Gustavo Guzman says:

The land cruiser it a better OffRoad

Kalan Dingwell says:

Jeep is best offroad machine on the planet? Did you forgot about the toyota fj cruiser?

Ivan Bermudez Chavez says:

a honda civic can make your "off road" test faster !!

Shakes Pur says:

id rather have a landrover

Jerrell White says:

Scared to scratch a raptor on an off road test? If thats the case you shouldn't have wasted time making this "test" video. Do something you can afford to do, not deliver a half baked video due to cost.

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