Forza 7 Battle: Bugatti Chiron vs Bugatti Veyron SS

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Hello everyone!. Happy new year and welcome back to the series of Forza battles, in today’s video we kick off our new decade with our second episode of the Forza battles series (inspired by YemiTheOne), and this battle is gonna feature the two Bugatti brothers going all out, known as the 2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the hypercar that was at one point the fastest production car in the world with a top speed record of 267 mph, going up against its successor, 2018 Bugatti Chiron, and these two brothers will face off in a series of battles that feature a One mile drag race, a braking test, and a track race of one lap on Sebring International Raceway. Both of these hypercars share the same engine which is the 8.0L Quad-Turbocharged W16, difference is, the Veyron’s engine produces 1183 bhp and 1105 lb.ft of torque, weighing at 1834 kg and power is sent to All the wheels via a 7-Speed dual-clutch transmission. Meanwhile, the Chiron’s engine produces 1479 bhp and 1180 lb.ft of torque, weighing at 1995 kg and power is sent to All the wheels via a 7-Speed dual-clutch transmission.
All of this video wouldn’t have been possible without the help of ZemFlo, but most importantly i credit the professional driver that took part in ForzaRC’s last season, JSR Hydra, for helping me with the track race as it is very difficult to find quick drivers with the time to help me for this one. Please check his channel out, and don’t forget to check out ZemFlo as well if you haven’t!.

JSR Hydra:



Joey Quizana says:

Win or lose The veyron ss is my fav

Preeti Jain says:

I like Bugatti chiron

Rudransh singh Raghuvanshi says:

These cars are made in same place

Arjun naik R says:

Bugatti chiron car is super

DevendraKumar Shrivas says:

bugatti Chiron is Superb Car along with Disc brake is Colours like Circular Flame🔥Moving inside wheel Attracts ME mostly while watching😄😄😄💚💛

Derrick Hines Jr says:

The chiron is a better more updated version of the veyron.

Yosüf kuzgun says:

Bugatti chiron

Calix Poop says:

This is. Gta not real life

kardia escorpión un km eeakñ4keiññduyñirqñpqqp says:


Nazmus shakib says:

this is my favorite car

Ashok Yadav says:

Guys pls subscribe to my friends channel
Multiple killer animesh 🤩
All car lovers 😎😍

Matt Bayaborda says:

Game name plssss????


Nice animation

Songül Aytekin says:

Bugatti kazanır

DidoyGamer[give me 1000 subs Please] says:

Chiron sucks

Meesha Khanna says:

Two minutes silence for those who think its real

Rajesh Khanna says:

Happiiieeeeee New year

Sanny Sharma says:

Cheron is World best car

Serpentoe Gaming says:

Without seeing the title I thought its real

BTW very good job

Tooshi Qew says:

Ronaldo has it if u know that

Satyam Behera says:

The last one is the best racing I have ever seen

Capital Zone says:

Who is Best

Vijay M says:

I think it is game

pro.fgaming says:

bhai bugatti ko rokne ka liya perasuit ko use karte ha

Rupam Mandal says:

Benchodd yea game hai

Irrelevant Xbox gamer says:

Do u play horizon games?

Bijarnia boy says:

It is a mobile game

Sheep Go Meep says:

The veyron will still always be cooler in my opinion

kelvinandevan 2 says:

This is a video game

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