Forza Horizon 2 | Noble M600 – First Drive

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Forza Horizon 2 is here! In adventures you will see me going about my normal play session on Forza Horizon 2, similar to a let’s play but without the fat. Any requests? Let me know!
A video by BlackPanthaa (LeftTriggerUK)
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Norasidah Mohd Nasir says:

thw back of noble M600 look like a audi r8

Harvey Nicholls says:

I bought this car, but I didn't really like it

Carguyonthenet says:

i saw an line of nobles in jeddah ;D happy to hear its an supercar

Uno man says:

it was in horizon 1

DEON says:

guys pls help me, I don't know which console to buy!!. should  get the xbox one or ps4?. I love both but I can only get one

Andrew Waldron says:

Why do you show us this obviously we know how to buy a car on there

Dylan Jones says:

It was in the original horizon

Phil Thalhammer says:

I cant believe i havent subbed until now! Youve been in my recommended channels section for months but ive only just gotten back into forza! Good videos man GLAD I SUBBED TO YOUR CHANNEL MATE *tips hat
Im checking out all your vids by tonight xD
Thanks for the great channel!!!

AJ says:

Dude u need to learn how to drive honest @BlackPantha

Rin Kokonoe says:

"im glad it was free" except you have to pay $19 for it….. not that I'm complaining, I'm hoping to buy the car pass as well

Colby Eagle says:

What is a car that can outrun a lamborginhi huracan upgraded to 1100 plus hp on a drag strip

Ryan Mathis says:

How is it raining

Cool Will says:

The noble has been in forza 4 forza horizon forza 5 and forza horizon 2

Jack Clark says:

it was in forza horizon 1

Just Guess says:

This car was in forza 4. And test drive unlimited.

Daniel Lauren says:

it was on the first Horizon 😛

Christian Leong says:

God i love the Noble M600, its one of those cars you dont see much and its design looks unique compared to other hypercars.

adam harding243 says:

Can't wait to get this tomorrow is it worth the wait

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