Forza Horizon 3 Vs NFS PayBack Pagani Huayra BC Sound Comparison

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Forza Horizon 3 Vs Need For Speed PayBack Pagani Huayra BC Sound Comparison

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Alex says:

Well i don't know what to get cause Forza looks like something that will last longer than Payback and even graphics are better but the exhaust sound on Payback a lot better , on Forza is ear rape

Sanjuana Avila says:

Need for speed payback win

Dylan Gryschuk says:


M67v says:

Forza wins this one hands down because it actually sounds like a V12, whereas in Payback it sounds like a turbocharged LS motor

EnigeEchte Jonge says:

nfc is the best

Nerd Spaz says:

Forza horizon sounds much better with the car take off an need for speed they just have car effect sound with every other car

Nerd Spaz says:

And of ur thinking there's alot of more npc in nfs payback it's kinda even because in Forza horizon 3 u have the option to turn off traffic

Chill High says:

what a hell horizon ahahaha xD horizon is shit,PAYBACK is AWESOME !

Just Some guy says:

In nfs payback the cars are so wide they take up a whole lane with 0 space left.

Filip Phong says:

Nfs payback exhaust is smooth

shabala baki says:

Fh3 looks so bland.. they need to take a break from these annual releases and do better than this.. Forza used to be untouchable with the graphics.. now, Need for speed can over take it!!!???? NEED FOR FUCKING SPEED

ZeldaACFan17 says:

Listen to the Huayra in Assetto Corsa. Now THAT is terrible, at least on the exterior

[Henry Arrington] says:

I’m not saying that Forza is bad it looks really nice and beautiful in the forest but it doesn’t look like the real car.. Need for speed has awful driving physics but the graphics are beautiful on PS4, My opinion both of them win..

Antonio Lemuel Alejandro Armenta Ramirez says:

Payback wins

NightWolf says:

NFS Payback the winner

jimbo random says:

Lol anyone that says forza is an ideat


Forza Wins!

MLGcargamer9000 And Trick shotter says:

One thing I hate about nfs small reving

ImFazzy 07 says:

Nfs ofc look at the grafics

iShapi_YTTM says:

De 1000 prefiero Need For Speed Payback

Ahmad Galal says:

Forza Horizon 3, even though it doesn't sound as good as in real life, it has that AMG V12 Sound and that Turbo Spool, which is how the Huayra is supposed to sound like. While in NFS, it sounds like a V8 twin turbo Koenigsegg, not an AMG V12.

Kluku LP says:

Nfs is better but the sound is v12 and not v8 i hope they fix it

Netwalkers says:

Forza is real Need for Speed is Unreal… and oh, Need for Speed Payback doesnt have any turbo noises (Forza Horizon 3 best turbo = stutututu nfs Payback = NO ONE) cause shit game Payback will Never be a Good Race game

XxdeadxXShotxx2 says:

Need for Speed wins

SuReK says:

Ty idioto w forzie horizon 3 najniższą grafikę ustawiłeś ….!!!

Marian Petica says:


Haji Shukran says:

Why is the car so slow in forza horizon 3

Jorge X80 says:

Let’s just be honest NFS PAYBACK is better. Sorry FH3 Fans

Ascari KZ1R says:

Dood listen to da Tuerbo Sound!!! ??

sadly, Payback makes it sounds like V8 instead of V12.

Agerix Official says:

@ all the forza fanboys saying forza sounds better. can i have what your smoking? Forza sounds dry (no reverb, no echo), and they also sound computer generated. ive even listened to the videos you guys are linking and in every video you guys link i feel like Payback is closer. the only difference is the fact that Forza is louder, but there is a difference between loudness and overall sound quality. unfortunately, most of you are not music producers (or sound designers) or you are not experienced ones. here is simple science, the human brain always thinks the louder one is better, even if the quieter one is actually better. and you all have been tricked by it.

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