Forza Horizon 4 DRAG RACE: Lamborghini Aventador SV vs McLaren 720S (Steering Wheel) Gameplay

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Shoutout to Techeyy for helping me out:
Lamborghini Aventador SV goes head-to-head with the McLaren 720s in a drag race (1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, highway and rolling start) in Forza Horizon 4 using the Logitech g920 steering wheel + paddle shifter. Steering wheel settings can be found on my Instagram

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Gtoofast says:

Shoutout to Techeyy for helping me out:
Comment below which cars you would like to see us Drag Race in?

vinod skai says:

Can anyone tell the game name???

Rishit Patteri says:

why do you crash

Elsa Savy says:

Es buenardo

giorgi goloshvili says:

მაკლარენი ლამბორჯინთან სათამაშოა

Ethan sonqayi says:

Do you give give away,s

Aamos Airio says:

Game name???

Kaylan Joseph says:

I like it😆😆😆

المسكين Poor guy says:

Thanks for the beautiful clip, your brother from Iraq 😁👍

Maria eugenia Cajal says:

Omg of you good maravillisios

علاوي صكر says:


Zaid Corporan says:

The lambo thought

Zaid Corporan says:

Can you also play on PlayStation

Cole Rinnan says:

I LOVE the Lamborghini SV it’s sooooo clean

Vikash Kumar says:

8:21 ♥️🌍🔥 sound of beasts 🥺

Santiago Grinfeld says:

yes guys, this is more interesting than others videos. pliss send more videos like this

MarHal - Games & Cars says:

Nice video.


The best sound of the car comes in the tunnel.

مدمر السيارات says:

شوفو قناتي اليوم بلشت كمان سباق

Cash Lovelock says:

Bugatti and Lambo

Emonte Quinn says:

what game you playing

Brahim the grandmaster says:

The accerelation of the aventador better then thé McLaren but the McLaren better in the long road

Janet Motyo says:

ford mustang and dorge hellcart

Ansh Pradhan says:

those are watching but they donot have steering wheel are very sad

Brantley O'Neill says:

McLaren and Bugatti

Mason T says:

I like your vids your doing good

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