Forza Horizon 4 Driving Like A BOSS (Steering Wheel + Paddle Shifter) McLaren 720s Gameplay

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Thanks to Logitech G inviting me to the McLaren Shadow Grand Finals Project

McLaren Shadow Project:

Logitech G Steering Wheel:

Cheap Games:

My Wheel Stand, use discount code ‘gtoofast’ for 5% OFF:

My steering wheel settings:

Console: Xbox One X


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Giggle Kiñg • 7 years ago says:

Anyone else remember PS2 steering-wheel games..?

Can I Be Gahyeonie's Husband? says:

2:48 how to enter like a boss

leul gamer says:

well i am a petrollhead and i like cars and when I see the the shifter the stearing wheel etc i new that i will never have one of those

sorry for bad english or spelling 🙁

niceguy192 says:

you sure that was you driving bro? your skills are awesome.

The Indian Gamer says:

nice graphics

Hardik Palkar says:

Was it mimicing the hand movements in first person mode?

vedvir Pawar says:

Imagine playing this game on VR

Orange dude 2003 says:

You deserve my subscription

Csanád Kardos says:

Nice gamer chair

DonnierDarko223 says:

I know it feels like you are "driving like a boss" but it is still a video game. Real car? Whole diff ballpark. Still nicely done tho.

I N X C K I says:

Logitech sucks

Callum Fazackerley says:

I'm confused, which bit of this was meant to impress. It's all pretty regular driving, nothing out of the ordinary or special

BetterThan U says:

I wish this game was on ps4😢😭

Jean Osorio says:

wao solo de imaginarme nada mas esos carros

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