Forza Horizon 4 Ford Mustang GT 2018 (Steering Wheel + Shifter) Gameplay

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Driving and drifting stock 2018 Ford Mustang GT using the Logitech G920 steering wheel + shifter on Forza Horizon 4 (FH4)


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epic gamer says:

This car is ugly 2004 is a better mustang this is just a wannabe Dodge charger if I wanna cat that looks like this just buy a Dodge

Samurai Jack says:

I never drove a manual but I want steering wheel set for my xbox I only see with automatic gear what looks bad to me lmao I want manual

Too Long Didn't Watch says:

Excellent video presentation, I love it. Well done dude.

ilovetoski says:

oh my gosh, the "noise bug" is the gears grinding because you dont press the clutch when you shift. wut a noob smh

philip quintal says:

i like your driving


Nice intro 👍👍👍

wavyy head noohnooh green says:

How you get there how you get that set up

Ali Albahadli says:

Surely this is a stick as a rock Gt mustang

kekline ._ says:

The reason why it makes that noise is cause you’re not shifting right. Make sure you hold on the clutch, shift, then let go of it. Great video though.

Henry Shawty says:

The thing that ruins forza realism is that the steering wheel is on the left in forza, because in england the wheel should be on the right

Brandon M says:

Of course this video has to have a mustang in it, my favorite car ever. I need to get the wheel now lmao

H0W Ea5y says:

Thansk for teaching how to drive stick lol

Abhishek Subramanyam says:

How are there no other online drivers in the map? it’s just you with a bunch of AI drivatars. Pls help

Caked Smith says:

That kid did good

Dr.Darius says:

The john wick of driving

BMW says:

Is this pc or ps4

Grzegorz Stanki says:

You are so lucky and a bit spoiled to have a set up like that forza xbox one a good steering wheel and a shifter

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