Forza Horizon 4 – McLaren Senna | Goliath Gameplay

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Forza Horizon 4 McLaren Senna Goliath Gameplay
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Setup :
– Thrustmaster TX + 599XX EVO 30 Wheel Alcantara Edition
– TH8A Shifter
– Wheel Stand Pro v2

My Wheel Settings :

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mr gucci says:

why mines way slower

doni zetta says:

you need to work on those brake

Mahi Hossain says:

Your game videos are nice 😀

Szymixx gaming says:

Ayrton senna driven mclaren ;C

Hey Soy Victor says:

The Evolution of PlayStation Consoles and Prices (1991-2020)

Ali- Al Tamimi says:

What is the name of the music plees

Emerson Sousa says:

new very good gameplay channel:

Emerson Sousa says:

new very good gameplay channel:

Dark Gaming says:

Nub driving skills fvck!

Dark Gaming says:

Tangenant pag dradrive yan

USA Basketball says:

What tune is this I need it

TheJoker says:

2:01 AI, everytime. I did see it coming though 😛 . 2:15 Dizeuul is like "Not again!"

Mukul jaildar Chaprana says:

Most of the times
He always comes on 3rd position

Junior Laurore says:

I can't lie he has good drivein skills

Ondra Lucak says:

Neumíš říditi

Jahid Tech Bangla says:

finally someone take dizeuul place

Anonymous Animation says:

What setting and tunes and upgrades did u use I would like to use the same ones :/

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