Forza Horizon 4 vs The Crew 2 | Bugatti Chiron Engine Sound, Gameplay & Graphics Comparison

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Forza Horizon 4 vs The Crew Comparison of the Bugatti Chiron ; Gameplay , Engine Sound , Customization & Graphics!

Another Comparison (Ferrari 812)

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Fast Lane Gaming says:

Comparison #2 starring the Ferrari 812 Superfast

amayablocks 288 says:

yo le voy al forza

David Janiczek says:

The crew 2 is better game if u won't race game

Ivo Milo says:

Lil tip for those who play the crew 2 with nvidia graphics card. Alt+f3 while in game to open the filters menu and choose sharpness. It's a game changer.
It eliminates that blurry effect that makes you think you play on lower resolution.
Idk if ati has something similar.

Ibinabo Jack says:

The graphics dont matter if you have more to do.

Mati_Seplay YT says:

The crew 2 Arriba

JovanGaming 1 says:

Forza Horizon 4

Dylan Ash says:

Let's get it straight Forza is a sim for realism crew 2 is a sim for arcadic gameplay

George Ballew says:

Forza is still a nice game tho

SuperVeloce Gaming says:

Highway Speed says:

One thing The Crew 2 needs to work on its drifting style. Do a comparison of that. Forza drifting reminds me when im drifting in my Corvette

JBL test TM says:

The crew 2 a des graphismes plus élaboré

xd Fluffy121 says:

Forza has much better graphics and gameplay but The Crew 2 has better sound an tuning🤷🏽‍♂️

ZanzKilla says:

Fh4 for the win always

Caio Andre says:

Forza 4 is best Bre says:

Can horizon 4 be played on PS4?

top 3 things says:

crew 2 is better is better in everything
than forza

XD says:


Dophamine says:

The crew 2 bugatti chiron fake sound

Loofy says:

Crew 2 looks better at night and you know it stop ruining its rep bruh

Fernanda Davis says:

the crew 2!!!!!!!!

¡ NHVTheBoss! says:

Yow but did y’all see the graphics for Tc2?

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