Forza Horizon Fastest SSC Ultimate Aero (270mph)

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Here is the fastest SSC Ultimate Aero getting it to 270mph. This car is extremely fast and amazing at handling! Comment below what cars you wanna see next.
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Soma says:


Drigger Tt says:

I raced this against an buggati eb110 and I won also a gtr that went 270

TheSuperiorGolem says:

if a player gifts a car you can only sell it for 100Cr

LongLostSouls says:

Can you make a build video?

asdaapplejuice says:

I can't keep mine on the road

asahel bavuidi says:

havnt posted the video yet

Kyle Kline says:

Wait why would I buy you a $10.000.000 car if that car is $1.000.000

Joshua Dees says:

For anyone who wants to do this without doing street races for 5 hours. It's auto upgrade to R1 and downgrade the driveline once. you're welcome.

FFA Tahj says:

Mine went to 404MPH

Indecisive Name-Maker says:

A 10,000,000cr car for a 1,000,000cr car?

Seems like a GREAT offer!

utah branse says:

sesto elemento pls

Neo Blackjack thee enraged says:

I love it i want it what system pc?

Diamond Pool says:

wow you didnt crash 😀

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