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Forza Motorsport 4 vs TopGear – KIA Cee’d

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both videos are cutted to match 1:1

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Shahana Jeshmin says:

because he snipped some of the size the Kia ceed looks like a fat smart car

Djordy Donopawiro says:

please people look at how these cars behave the real one is struggling to maintain grip while the forza one is just riding there

Mr Know Nothing says:

I take it just the once then?

Mr Know Nothing says:

Then I question whether you have driven a car at all.

Mr Know Nothing says:

Other way around

TheTransamman1979 says:

And the time???

TheDecidingBullet says:

obviously, unless your being a jerk, gt5 is HUGE competition for fm4. beating it in atleast 50% of the subjects

Ahmad Faisal says:

cameron diaz was that, she did it in 1:45.2 just below tom cruise which was there too

nobaccos says:

wow i just noticed forza`s front wheels dont turn 😮

M6EXH says:

i think daveyskills would destroy stig.

GoldenBadges says:

Gt5 is still the best.

Sajinath Ggah says:

There are different tiers of graphics for each part of Forza. Like the Autovista has the highest tier of graphics, Tier 2 graphics go to your cars displayed behind the menue, tier 3 graphics goes to the replays, and tier 4 graphics go to the actual "in gameplay". So basically you are looking at the tier 3 graphics of Forza as opposed to the tier 4 graphics which I think they should have put more work into because it is the most important part.

roho says:

@Z28Tom402bigblock gt5 is something though i prefer fm4 but cannot ignore gt5

Adel Zaki says:

im too tired to read these huge comments

VColossalV says:

@megaspeed2 Have you not seen Forza 4 damage when simulation damage is turned on? The car damages mechanically too, if you for example play with manual w/clutch, and you change gear without using the clutch correctly you will damage the gearbox etc, if you shift down gears at high speed that will compltely fuck the gearbox up just like it would in real life, pretty much anything interanally can get damaged and effects the driving accordingly.

megaspeed2 says:

@VColossalV well you did say "very realistic for a video game." which implies that not many games are better for it.
iRacing,Liveforspeed,rFactor,rFactor2, GTR, GTR Evo, Race 07, Race on, LevelR, WRC, Dirt series, Toca race driver, GRID, F1 2011, NFS Shift and Shift 2, and need for speed pro street all have better dammage, thats 18 games so its not hard to imagne theres many more with better dammage simulations.

VColossalV says:

@megaspeed2 Never said other games didn't have better damage, i'm only saying Forza has better damage than GT5 specifically. I'd hardly say there were "hundreds though".

VColossalV says:

@megaspeed2 I form my own opinions, i don't like a game based on reviews, but reviews speak for themselves and generally you can judge before you buy a game wether it is good or not based on its ratings- not that i do this. These are professionals who go very in depth in their analysis and it is their jobs to critique games, they have no bias. I have seen enough GT5 videos, i am not saying it's a bad game, an 8/10 is still good, but 10/10s aren't given away for nothing.

megaspeed2 says:

@VColossalV btw watch this for some real graphics
its rFactor2 a new PC Sim racing game coming out soon
This is a Pre-Retail video too some graphics settings arent enabled yet in it.
there are some post-rendering effects added for the video but you should get the point.

megaspeed2 says:

@VColossalV you go on and on and on about reviews, dont you have your own opinions? opinions you get from what you have read in reviews dont count, you need to actually atleast watch some videos of GT5 before you can say anything about its graphics, a reviewer saying "its bad" isnt good enough. do some research before you comment again…

megaspeed2 says:

@VColossalV actually theres hundreds of games which beat both GT5 and Forza down to a pulp with their dammage simulations, GTR, Race07, rFactor, Live for speed and iRacing are a few of the best for it, even a free to play game called LevelR (sometimes known as Project Torque or Heat Online) has better dammage then both gt5 or forza4) so there is no point in comparing the dammage of them both.

VColossalV says:

@megaspeed2 "both forza and gt have terrible dammage so why compare them?"

GT5 doesn't have good damage, you even have to unlock the little damage it does have – in Forza, there is alot more damage… not exactly like real life obviously, but still very realistic for a video game.

VColossalV says:

@megaspeed2 Yes, and 4/5s of the cars are standard, god i cant imagine how terrible that is… not only that but a good chunk of them are japanese cars that nobody cares about… Forza has around 600 cars… ALL of which are consistant. I laughed so hard when i saw that GT5 has GT2 graphic cars even in some of the standard cars. This among alot of other reasons is WHY Forza 4 will always get 10/10s, and GT5 will continuously get bad reviews and 8/10s.

megaspeed2 says:

@VColossalV also the picture comparisons on the review you showed me showed the standard cars of gt5 vs the normal forza cars… thats not a graphicsal comparison of the game, thats a graphics comparison of GT2 vs Forza4.. tbh the GT2 cars look better than in forza4 anyway lol, atleast they dont look like toys in GT2.

megaspeed2 says:

@VColossalV the review you sent me.. biased much? the only real gt5 problem that review shows is the loading times, which arent too bad anyway. i dont know what they were talking about with the game being unsmooth either,it only drops below 60fps for a split second at the start of races with 16 premium cars and even then u dont notice it that much. both forza and gt have terrible dammage so why compare them? standard cars are still fun to drive, the online mode does all it needs to, start races.

VColossalV says:

@MrStig691 the 1,000 car number breaks down into 800 Standard cars that use the PlayStation 2 car models and 200 Premium cars that are full PS3 cars (with cockpit views) that are a pain in the ass to unlock.

Even on Amazon, where even terrible products look good, it states in Key Features that the 830 non-premium cars are pasted from previous games. Only the 170 premium cars (which you unlock, wow.) have PS3 graphics with interiors, how AWFULL.

VColossalV says:

@megaspeed2 Yeah mate, look at the link i sent in your inbox and get embarrassed, lists and lists of the downfalls of GT5, good luck playing a game that 4/5s of the cars have shitty graphics and no interiors, be my guest.

VColossalV says:

@MrStig691 Yes, 800 cars (4/5s of all the cars) are PS2 graphics, and they have no interior, which is fucking awfull, look how terrible the non-premium cars look compared to the premium ones, i could not play a game with this much inconsistancy.

VColossalV says:

@megaspeed2 Well alot people tend to look at reviews on a game to judge wether it is good or not. Maybe that an opinion could be subjective if it was just ONE review that got good ratings, but ALL reviews from ALL publications give very similar ratings, some of which go very indepth in their reviews. Reviews this consistant from many seperate publications must mean something.

VColossalV says:

@megaspeed2 No i didn't misunderstand, i was meant to say "both the GT5 picture AND the the real life picture" – i did not read the comment back, so no i didn't mean there were 2 GT5 pictures, that was my bad for not checking my comment.

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