Forza Motorsport 6 – DRAG RACE: Ferrari LaFerrari Vs Hennessey Venom GT x2 Races

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Forza Motorsport 6 – DRAG RACE: Ferrari LaFerrari Vs Hennessey Venom GT x2 Races

Two hypercars this time, both crazy. Which is faster?
Let me know what match ups you want to see and I will try get them uploaded.

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Derp Derp says:

Ferrari got smoked like bbq

Sajjan Sithu says:

Lol this is a game

DPG says:

very good bro

Daud X Vlogs says:

wow I love venom gt and I like subscribe and share on all apps I use and share all my friends and family

Adurite King says:

henessey never slows down when it starts going fast

anege l says:

Hennesy venom gt vs fxxk

Robert Patterson says:

This was pointless no offence great vid but venom vs laferrari cmon

Mathew Ball says:

sill would want a LaFerrari over the Venom personally. The LaFerrari is a better all round car overall.

F I C T I O N says:

plz do huarya vs laferrari

Steve C says:

Get the real thing not a bloody game which means nothing "crap"

Luxanima I Servicios Profesionales de Psicoterapia says:

Man!, this looks almost real!

mujeeb rahmathullah says:

Hennessy venom is the fastest car in the world but how Ferrari won

yahia adam says:

ruf ctr3 vs porsche Carrera GT

brian centi says:

rather have the ferrari.

Sheridan says:

I a shitty veyron cant beat a hennessey, a ferrari wont so it

Roberto Martin says:

You can see when the turbos kick in

Matt Armoogam says:

I just came here to see the Ferrari get rekt

Training says:

At the cockpit view it is so FRIKKIN FAST!!!!!!!!!!

oscar caminas says:

obvious the hennessy gonna win

Jivanto says:

buggati veyron ss vs koeneseg agera R

3ayoud63 /AMG says:

Also Lexus ISF vs RCF

3ayoud63 /AMG says:

Nice keep it up next up lamorghini Huracan vs Aventador

American Nurburgring says:

Good race. I would like to see an all Ferrari race with Laferrari, 458 speciale, f12, FF, and Cali T

Nasser Almuhairi says:

I love forza 6 <3 I will make like for you yemi i love the pepoal how makes a viedo aivre day a viedo

Dean Bay says:

Ferrari fanboi's be like "Allow the accelerations though!

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