FULL FILM: Chris Harris drives The Porsche Taycan Turbo S | Top Gear

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Amidst Tesla’s domination of the performance EV world, here’s Porsche’s answer – the Taycan Turbo S. With a back-thumping 761bhp and four-wheel drive it’s definitely quick, but just how well does it do the twisty stuff?

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Hazel-rah says:

Scientifically this charging analogy is just pure bullsh.t.

r e v e l a r e_ XVII says:

*This guy is literally carrying the entire show after the original trio. If he leaves, Top Gear will be 6 feet under.

Manu says:

Chris > Jeremy

Scott Campbell says:

Just think if we had EV’s first and gas cars just arrived. You mean I can not fill at home. I must search for dirty gas stations. Oil changes and other maintenance! Why does the gas car shift so much and so noisy! Why do gas engines lack torque? No WiFi updates? Just a few examples.

Scott Campbell says:

With my EV, going to the top of a steep mountain range, I noticed a 80% return of range by the time I arrived at the base of the mountain. What gas car can do that

Scott Campbell says:

I own aModel X, 3 and a Panamera 4s. I enjoy charging my Tesla’s at home with
Solar panels. I save $490/month on gas and electricity

Scott Campbell says:

Tesla offering noise cancellation now. You can never hide all sounds but noise cancellation is genius and with less weight of heavy sound deadening materials.

Scott Campbell says:

Tesla offers 700, 1000, and 1100 horsepower options. Still not a Porsche. Usually when you buy an exotic you expect the fastest car and unique, exclusive design. Now with Tesla taking that away the fastest with no maintenance, now just buying an exotic for moving Art.

hector herbert says:

Thanks but I"ll stay with my 1988 911 SC.

spytrdr says:

awesome review, awesome car, awesome driver and reviewer, awesome location, and awesome cinematography!

Sketch says:

Wow! Top Gear is proper lame now!

SydneyPhotography2019 says:

Hmm, not bad

Spartan Blueberry says:

Seriously expensive.. you forgot seriously expensive…

Rodger Aarons says:

Yeah……. but do you like it?

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