FULL REVIEW: Chris Harris vs the 986bhp hybrid Ferrari SF90 | Top Gear: Series 29

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Chris Harris reviews one of Ferrari’s many new offerings from the last year or two. This offering though, is really rather special. With a twin-turbo V8, bolstered by no-less than 3 electric motors, the Ferrari SF90 is one of the most complex and adept supercars ever made. So let’s see what Chris makes of it…

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Zano Map says:

Seems inspired by Pagani

BarbWalters says:

This is our future, say goodbye to classic NA cars with manuals

Aleksandr Burmin says:

I wish you a happy journey, a good road, and a cheerful mood. Let the guardian angel accompany you and protect you from any misfortune, let the trip exclude all failures and turn into an exciting journey with the final station "success".

Ferrari Earl says:

Hi, Im Earl

BizAutomation says:

Electric mode is perfect for sneaking in back into your garage at night.

Lawand Umed says:

Who want old cast to return ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️

trletts says:

The NSX has had brake by wire for a number of years…

Virgil Tank says:

Am I the only one who thinks it looks like the product of a rough night ft. Lambo and McLaren ?

Ian Johnson says:

Drivers cannot afford a 1/2 million car. It will belong to old men and hedge fund guys who are not into drifting or track days in their time machine.

CapitanHarlockisback says:

You can buy a Tesla with 100k, I got 1100 hp and a huge trunk.

Envision says:

Amazing Review, love the editing!

dave deboy says:

my model S clobbers this thing. You lose so much time peeling out-the car can't handle it.

Roderick L says:

It's a future car, it seems.
Ferrari is always exploring what can be. And, there's nothing wrong with that.
Ferrari is always up there when it comes to excellent cars.

Porsche is Porsche because they really make great cars.

smetlje sm says:

Well its neighbourhood friendly so that's a huge plus.
But luggage space makes it a trailor car for anything more that 300km trip.
You literaly can't put an overnighter bag in it…

LW_ LoKi says:

We want Clarkson back

Nathaniel Rackham says:

Anyone else see a lot of Corvette in the shaping? Which IMO is NOT a good thing… @Chris you need your own show mate.

Raiyhaan Hajat says:

swirl marks on the paint tho..

Gavin Jones says:

It's great and everything. But can't help thinking while I'm watching this is that Chris is thinking that his Peugeot 205 is way more fun to drive.

Bozhestvo Smerti says:

Ferrari said "we are not interested in electric cars", irony..

Miky Koon says:

Not a patch on the La . Prefer the tribuno anyday

Behruz Eghbali says:

Best car bis now

Paul N says:

The dogs danglies 👍👍👍👍

파란만장 says:

7:30 He really knows the way ferrari should go

Black Conservative Patriot says:

The Ferrari’s 15 mile pure electric range is more than a party trick. My i8 gives me about 15 mile range in all electric mode. I can go to the store, post office, pick up pizza and run several errands and never use a drop of gas. And if I don’t have a drop of gas, I can easily make it to my choice of 4+ gas stations to rectify that. I’m nit saying the i8 is anywhere in the same category, just that even the low range pure electric option does have real world application.

Fred says:

Ferrari is way off with their new models!
The F8 and the SF90 are fast, yes, but they look… well they are just not good looking, and they sound…not great!
The Portofino and the Roma is just…to androgyne!
So the 812 Superfast and the GTS are the last real Ferraris, from now on Ferrari are going to be more electric and more quieter and soon the Ferrari soul is just gone forever!

ousi00 says:

Brake by wire, well, the Acura NSX has that. This is like the Acura NSX in a Ferrari suit it seems like. We all see how the NSX get sold and how it perform in used market.

nieooj gotoy says:

When the car tester is able to afford to buy one he’ll realize it’s designed for street use ! Burning rubber on race track is not what owners buy this car for!

Vegan Piranha says:

Its like the corvette had a baby with nsx

Ra Razky says:

Where Jeremy James and Richard😥

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