FULL VIDEO Porsche GT2RS crashes into a Pagani Huayra at Monza Race Track! [BETTER QUALITY]

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Porsche GT2RS crashes into a Pagani Huayra at Monza Race Track on Sunday 06 October 2019!


Will Sanctuary says:

Out of all the cars to crash into that's not the one..

sese thekid says:

Okay. SHUT DOWN THE TRACK. No cars allowed. My girlfriend said she wanted to take the Infinity I bought her, there on the 12th.

GRIM 21212 says:

Respect to the composure of the Zonda driver. I'd have made sure the Porsche driver had even more injuries. Who gave this guy a driving license? Does he know where the brake is?

Murdaklez says:

At first think hes hurt but then you realize hes probably crying.. poor guy.

Steve Syed says:

Late brake, hard right into the corner, Scandinavian flick, throttle down, oversteer into the next corner and drift out, Gran Turismo style. This guy was going for it, but the Pagani driver taking lines like the AI. And I know I'm not the only one who played that in my head.😄

jesus saves cars s says:

😢 I feel his pains

ChrisGR93 _TxS says:

stupid rich ppl. atleast they're not on public roads

Aman Verma says:

That's the most got wrenching heart breaking video I've ever watched!

RussianPaladin says:

The Pagani driver seems to understand human lives are priceless, and cannot be replaced. Respect to him for keeping his composure.

Msd Smti says:

Murphy's law: Of all the things that could fail during a track day, ur breaks will fail first; and of all the cars in a race track, u will crash into the rarest one (that's a Huayra BC prolly 1 of 20).. the more expensive the other car, the more likely ur breaks will fail when you're behind them…

elijah irving says:

Man dropped to his knees 😂😂

Christian Glasenapp says:

It's only a 3.7 million dollar car he hit.

David Shaw says:

Aaaand this is why I'd never buy one of these supercars…you cant enjoy even a fraction of its performance on the street, but if you take it on a track and push it theres a high probability you'll end up trashing it.. or you do everything right and someone else plows into you or blows an engine leaving oil all over the track sending your million dollar beautiful, pristine example of a rare car into a concrete wall at 150kph

I'd buy some older race car if I were into pushing limits on track if serious racing was the goal
Or for trackdays n just causual fun I'd get a civic/ Subaru/ lancer with some decent tires and suspension parts..
Hit a wall? Parts are available with overnight shipping
Completely total it? Oh well, didnt cost you more than 10-20k…pull the parts off n get another car with a beat up body or interior for 5k n go racing again

Driving your brand new ultra expensive car is stressful enough on street with idiots trying to get a picture of it while driving

Cant imagine the stress driving it on a track where insurance won't cover your mistakes

JagFan Hilton says:

Porsche dude is a total dusche. Probably wasn't even his car 🙄

バジリスクタイム says:


Christian Keil says:

With that impact the door should not open on the pagani

Alan Chatfield says:

Door opening don't seem to safe, just saying

MAD MAT says:

that someone who has the car but no talent

Dice Strike says:

Yano if I could afford that super rare hyper car.. I could afford to rent the track.. for myself. Instead of sharing it with Liabilities like this

sunamangs says:


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