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Gran Turismo 5 Wheelie setup TVR Griffith

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This is the Setup for the TVR Griffith that can be boughd in the Second Handed Car Dealer for around 40.000 credits.The Setup can be found on the end of the Clip.
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Justin Gonzalez says:

Mine worked I have a us copy

Ashley Knox says:

Mine says 526 bhp

Dennis Nesta says:

you need to change miles to kilometers than its no problem

Dennis Nesta says:

No this one not!

benedx faner says:

Is this patched

Dennis Nesta says:

the version that you can buy in Europe

itsFahad12 says:

What is a EU version

Michael hamminger says:

does it work with the tamora

Dennis Nesta says:

Yup,It works it came from me haha

Dudehaler says:

Yep. But it does work. ^^

Dudehaler says:

Mine says that it has 505bhp not 540 like yours…

racingbitch3000 says:

I got 5 TVRs Griffith … your game must be broken xD

Dennis Nesta says:

it works for me.Than you don't got the EU version!

2thebadboys says:

It F@#KING not work

Sérgio Martins says:

Is this true or glitch?

Avash Chitrakar says:

will this work online?

Dennis Nesta says:

@QuicksilverZXZ Than you don't got the EU version!

racingbitch3000 says:

@PRBDennis Thanks !

Dennis Nesta says:

@racingbitch3000 yes here it is it's on my other channel! /watch?v=v8DJR8DIMTo

racingbitch3000 says:

@PRBDennis But do you still got the setup ? 😀

Dennis Nesta says:

@racingbitch3000 i think it is patched only the TVR and some cars i didn't put on youtube still wheelie!

racingbitch3000 says:

Can't wheelie the shelby don't know why , do you still got the setup please ?

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